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Ayanna's Departure

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Ayanna's Departure

Previously on the Challenge: we see Ayanna playing the clarinet by the campfire as she voice-overs that she took care of her mother until her mother passed away, and that the Challenge was her opportunity to get away. Laterrian tells Christian that it's not cool to say he must have African-American blood (actually, he said "black blood," but that makes it sound like the blood was the color black, so I'm just trying to clarify) because Christian has big lips and a big nose.

In an interview, an off-screen voice asks Christian, "Were you confronted by Ayanna in a physical manner?" Christian thinks about his reply. Shot of the bus with thunder and lightning. Oh, for crying out loud. Like the subject matter of this episode isn't dramatic enough -- they have to use shots of thunder and lightning? Ayanna is on a cell phone saying, "You know me. You know me. I'm not just going to kirk out on somebody." Kirk out? Is that the technical term? More thunder and lightning. Back to Christian saying, "Explain what you mean by physical there." In an interview, Laterrian says that it was like "someone opened up this box of fire and it exploded through this door." We see Ayanna climbing onto the bus and the editors take the opportunity to insert more lightning effects. You know, when I was in high school, we did Dracula: The Musical (I had the part of "Angry Villager" and got to wear a babushka and carry a rolling pin) and we had better lightning special effects than this. And we used them less often.

Any. WAY. In an interview, Michelle says that this was the "straw that broke the camel's back." Didn't she say that last week? If she did, I didn't quote her in the recap, but that phrase from her seems familiar. On the cell phone, Ayanna says, "This is so not happening." In an interview, James says that "this" had nothing to do with Christian, or Laterrian, or Emichelle, or himself, or the team as a whole, and that "rules are rules." Of course, we still don't know what the hell happened. Ayanna is on the cell phone again, saying that she can't believe "this" happened. What happened for crying out loud? Another buses-in-thunder-and-lightning shot, because we just can't get enough of those.

The on-screen text tells us that it's "24 Hours Earlier." Oh, it's a flashback episode. That was a framing device. They're so artsy. Michelle, Rebecca, James, and some others are riding go-carts. In an interview, Michelle says that she doesn't know how she would deal with her mother dying.

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