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Previously on the Challenge: ADDam accused Stephen of hitting people during the Inner Tube Tango (which may possibly be the dumbest name for a challenge yet). Stephen denied such behavior. Elka said that everyone was getting sick of Stephen. While the Inner Circles met, Lindsay told Stephen that they needed to prepare for the possibility that they might be voted out. Stephen angrily denied the possibility, since according to Stephen, they all signed an agreement that the Inner Circle would vote out the lowest-scoring team. In an interview, Stephen said that Norm had a piece of paper saying that they would vote off the weakest team and split the money. In the Real World Inner Circle, Coral told the others that Stephen's negative energy was affecting her performance. In an interview, Lindsay said that the Inner Circle meeting was taking a long time, which was probably not a good sign.

The Inner Circle non-members hang out in the bar and wait for the verdict. In an interview, Becky says that she was trying to support Lindsay. Lindsay kept saying that she was going to be voted out, and Becky assured her that wasn't possible, due to the RW team's agreement. At the Inner Circle meeting, Sean says that he has no doubt that voting out Lindsay and Stephen is the right thing to do, although it's a horrible decision to have to make. In an interview, Coral says that Stephen's "negativity and unsportsmanlike conduct" is hurting the team's morale. Kelley walks away from the table, crying. She returns and asks that they go around the table and state their votes.

Sean votes for Stephen and Lindsay. Kelley says that makes four votes, so apparently three people voted off-camera. Danny says that he loves Lindsay, and he doesn't think that Stephen is "that evil of a person," but he has to vote for them. Elka votes for Stephen and Lindsay in order to preserve the unity of the team. NY Mike also votes for Stephen and Lindsay. In an interview, Kelley says that Lindsay is a powerhouse who motivates the entire team. Sean comments that they now have four votes against Stephen and Lindsay. How cut up and re-edited is this segment anyway? First, Kelley said that Sean's vote made four votes against Stephen and Lindsay. Then, we saw Danny, Sean, and Elka vote, which would bring the total votes up We already know how Coral voted, too. And then, after seven votes (with six people voting), Sean says that they have four votes again. I'm no math major, but that's messed up. Kelley continues crying and asks the other Inner Circle members to be sure to tell Lindsay that she rocked. Everyone agrees. The thing that bothered me the most about this segment (besides the weird editing of the vote-counting) was that not once did we see one of them say, "What about our agreement? Will it damage team morale more to break that?" You know they had to have that discussion at some point, because they couldn't have spent an hour watching Kelley cry. I don't think.

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