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Souls On Board

A plane cockpit. The pilots and a stewardess on Spartan Flight 390 discuss beverages, and the pilots talk with the control tower. As the camera pans across a panel of dials, the scene shifts and we are seeing the control panels of the plane in a room, where people are studying the now-wrecked equipment, taking photos, and listening the black box recording. On the recording, the pilots talk about a colleague named "Boo Radley" and how he was supposed to be flying the plane instead of them. The Spartan pilot tells air control that he's having problems turning the plane left. The pilots of Flight 390 get more agitated as they realize the elevators and the rudder won't work. The camera focuses in on a piece of equipment labeled "Flight Recorder" for any viewers too stupid to figure out what's going on. As the pilots on the tape try to land the plane, the investigators in the room gather around the flight recorder, looking concerned. One woman takes notes as they listen. The pilots realize they're going to invert (a bad thing, I guess), one whispers, "Goodbye Jenna," and there's the sound of a crash. Right after that comes an admittedly spooky mélange of moaning, chanting voices, and then the tape runs out. The crash investigators all look at each other, freaked out.

In an airport, a ticket agent is asking Satori for the name of her next of kin. The agent claims the question is "policy," but it's not a question I've ever been asked. I mean, c'mon, the airline might as well ask, "Where would you like your mortal remains sent?" and you know they're not gonna do that. Satori bitches about the airline "losing" her reservation (and who can blame them? They probably wanted to keep her off the plane because they were concerned that her screechy voice would compromise the hull integrity). The camera pans onto Crusty Blind Albert's crusty blind face. We can see Miles reflected in his dark glasses, and Albert says to him, "Gruesome stuff, huh?" Miles gets flustered and says he doesn't know what Albert is talking about as he stuffs a bunch of literature into his satchel in a very obvious manner. Foreshadowing has just entered my living room -- I'd know his smell anywhere. Albert explains he was referring to the practice of asking for next of kin, which the writers just made up for this episode. Satori joins them, and as she and Albert bitch about the decline in airline customer service, we can see that Elmer is sitting with them. Miles whines that he "did the best [he] could with the money [they] had," and Satori assures him she's not mad at him. Albert complains some more about airline food and gets Elmer to give him a grunt of agreement. Exposition-Satori asks if she's the last one there, and Miles says she is, "not counting Marian." That's the way I'd like to conduct my life -- just goin' around, not counting Marian. Satori asks why Marian isn't going to Florida since it's her spring break, and Albert says Marian was interested in attending the psychic convention in Sedona with the group. Miles says he can't see Marian as the "Fort Lauderdale thong-and-wet-T-shirt type," in a way which just lets you know that he has thought about it a lot, and Albert leches, "I can." Eww on so many levels, not the least of which is the idea of Marian's lanky, freckly body slumping around in a bikini.

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