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Okay, Bill. I'm loving you in that bathrobe. So much realness! Now before we do a take, I want you to really go inside yourself and think about how Elmer would watch Wheel of Fortune. I mean, here's a man who hangs with Sigmund Freud and has seen both World Wars and communicates with dead people and just, you know, has a totally different take on life here. Are you there yet? Take all the time you need. Cappuccino? No? Okay. People, we're ready! Oh by the way, when you say, "Time to get to the board, Vanna!" I want to hear the resignation of someone who is not going to be walking this earth much longer. I want to hear a lifetime of otherworldly experiences in that line, Bill. I want you to be thinking about hanging out with Vanna in the afterlife. You're not talking to the TV, you're talking to Vanna. Your spirits are communicating. You're like the man, Bill. Now give me that realness. Do we have sound? Okay, lights, camera, action, roll tape!

Oh. Bill. That was amazing. You. Are. Elmer. There's just no other way to put it! Now just think how amazing that's going to look with the TV reflecting off your eyeglasses. Our viewers are going to freak, and we haven't even done the talking-wallpaper thing yet. Now, do we need another cappuccino before the next take? You are a trooper! Gimme five! Okay, we need you to interact with the spirits who are communicating with you through the various electrical appliances around the house, namely the TV set and the lamp. You're not freaked by this. I mean, Elmer's not freaked by this. He's seen this before. This is all in a day's work for the E-man! So when Johnny, our PA, starts turning the TV off and playing with the lights, you're just cool with it, you know? You're just kinda peeved cause all you want to do is kick back and watch some Wheel of Fortune. So when you say to the spirits, "I'm watching Pat Sajak," it's like you're just trying to get a little peace and quiet. Got it? Okay, let's roll.

Okay, now at this point we're going to add some howling wind effects to the soundtrack. You can't hear them now but I want to feel cold. You're cold, Bill, and you're starting to get the impression that these spirits aren't the normal everyday pesky spirits that you talk to on a regular basis. These are evil spirits, Bill. They're coming for Marion and you've got to tell them to leave her alone. You love this girl. She's your protégé. She's a gifted spirit who could be even stronger than you. But she's weak now. She's a newbie. The spirits want her and you've got to tell those evil spirits not to touch her. When you say, "You let her be!" feel it, Bill! Okay, let's roll.

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The Others




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