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Dr. Mark is directing an emergency team gathered around the gurney of a gunshot wound victim. Upon hearing the bullet, Dr. Mark grouses that the emergency room is already full; he sends the patient to one of the curtain rooms. He quickly takes care of a family who was in a car crash and then swears disbelievingly as EMTs roll yet another gurney into the emergency room. The accompanying police officer starts explaining that this patient is a "crazy bastard" who climbed a radio tower to talk to God. Dr. Mark and the entire viewing audience (which, upon last count, consisted of me and my cat) realize that the victim must be Warren, because, duh, he's the only crazy bastard in all of Vancouver-Pretends-It's-Boston. Warren has fallen a few hundred feet and is bad shape, covered in blood and wearing a whiplash collar. Dr. Mark chides Warren and rushes him off for medical treatment.

Later we see Marian, blankly sitting in the hospital waiting area. Julianne, we talked about this as long ago as "Unnamed": if you are in a scene but have no lines, we still expect you to be "acting." I know it's taxing to think up things for Marian to do without dialogue to guide you, but in this case I think acting "distressed" or "concerned" would be a good choice. An exhausted-looking Dr. Mark guides Warren's gurney out of the operating room and then spots Marian. He thanks her for coming, and tells her that he's "not gonna let anything" happen to Warren. Umm, Dr. Mark, I think something already did happen to Warren and hospitals are generally known as pretty safe places, so drop your savior complex already. Marian gives Dr. Mark a goopy smile of puppy love and tells him he looks tired. They stand awkwardly for a few seconds and then he says, "Maybe some time this week we can get together for coffee or dinner or something." What was Dr. Mark thinking? "Hmmm, a friend of mine just fell a few hundred feet and almost died. Must be time to continue hitting on the college girl!" Marian simpers and agrees; Dr. Mark offers her a ride home. You know he wants to give her a ride of a differ -- ah, it's not even worth it.

After dropping Marian off, Dr. Mark enters his apartment. I can see who the main character of this episode is already, and let me tell you, I'm not happy. I'd even take a Satori-centric episode over a Dr. Mark one any day. Mark checks his answering machine and barely listens to the message from Satori. She tells him that his "chart" (astrological, not medical, I'm assuming) looks impressive and that he should give her a call even if he gets in late. Dr. Mark doesn't call Satori, because he doesn't believe in all that New Agey crap, you know, but instead takes off his jacket and shirt and flops on his bed. Ugh. Shirtless Dr. Mark. I'm not attracted to blonde men, I must admit, and Dr. Mark doesn't change my prejudices in any way. As Mark falls asleep he sees a vision of a blonde woman, dressed in a nightgown, sitting on a bed crying. A candle flickers in the background. Loud music suddenly jerks Marks awake and he checks his alarm clock, which reads 11:45. The alarm clock is the same prop they used in one of the past episodes ("1112") and has absolutely giant numbers. Does Mark have a vision problem? Why the hell does he need an alarm clock he could read from four blocks away? Mark looks bleary, and at that thrilling scene we segue into the credits.

In a moodily lit hospital room, Satori is writing something on a cast on Warren's leg (do adults actually sign casts? I thought that ended with graham crackers and Garanimals). Mark asks Warren how he's doing and Warren assures him that he's "real good." Satori snides that Warren is still "dopey from the meds" like he's not lying right there in front of her. Mark starts to bitch out Warren, who explains that he wanted to talk to God and so he climbed to the highest place he could find. He explains that he did get answers "but no words" and that he "fell right at the good part." Dr. Mark snaps that Warren could have died, and Warren serenely answers, "Only my body." Warren is kinda freaky and creeps me out, but he is the only good part of this show. So, of course, he gets a lame minor plot and spends the rest of the episode all banged up while Mark struts around without his shirt. Not that I'd want to see Warren without his shirt, of course. That's not what I'm saying. I'm not sure what I'm saying. The boredom has fossilized my brain. Dr. Mark and Satori share a look. At that moment Marian enters and, surprised to find Warren awake, sits down to sign his cast. There's some sort of silent exchange of glances between Satori, Marian, and Mark, Maybe they should just have a threesome and get their lame love-triangle plot over already. Warren picks up on the tensions and frets that they're mad at him. Satori assures him that they're not mad, just worried.

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