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What's Your Emergency?

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What's Your Emergency?
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We open in a robbery flashback. It's 3:07 PM, and Felicia is in the bathroom, washing her hands. She hears the robbers yelling at the hostages outside, and peeks out the door, where she sees her father walk by, followed by Lucas, who is holding a gun. Felicia understandably freaks out a bit. Meanwhile, Randall is telling the other hostages to get down on the ground, and yelling at Kathryn's mom when she doesn't immediately comply. Felicia reaches into her bag, pulls out her cell phone, and dials 911...but she's not getting a signal. Of course. Television characters' cell phones only work or don't work when it's dramatically appropriate. No one ever gets a "No Signal" unless they are about to be killed, or miss something important. Meanwhile, I get no signal whenever I walk in the front door to my house. Hey, maybe that means I'm about to be...

Just kidding. Anyway, Felicia sneaks into a back hallway somewhere, but it seems like the further she goes into the bank, the more likely it is that the walls are encased in concrete or something, so still no signal. Meanwhile, Jeremy wants to tend to Tom, the injured security guard, but Randall isn't having it. Nick yells, "The doctor is used to being in charge, but we all know that you are the boss here." Seriously? Does that kind of amateur psychology actually work on anyone over the age of five? If I were Randall, I would shoot Nick just for insulting my intelligence like that. Lizzie wonders why the people outside can't see what's going on, and Jeremy says that the windows are tinted. So how come, later in the standoff, there are pieces of paper taped up to the windows? Maybe the FBI has some magic de-tinting device.

Felicia sneaks into the main lobby and hides behind a planter, still trying to get a signal and having no luck. Randall is distracted by Kathryn's mom, who is having a panic attack and can't breathe. Things are chaotic, with everyone yelling, until Kathryn asks for permission to get something out of her bag to help. Felicia and Eva lock eyes, and Felicia holds up her phone, trembling. While Randall is dumping out Kathryn's purse, Felicia sneaks over to another part of the lobby. I'm probably not getting across how intense this whole segment is, because we know that Felicia gets discovered at some point, but we also know that a 911 call is made. It's a testament to the writers and director that, even with the audience knowing the ultimate outcome, there's still a lot of tension in this scene.

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