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Heroes Welcome

Franny is picking up her apartment and shrieking at Ricky to stop misbehaving when Nick walks through the open door and says hello. Ricky runs out the door, and Franny follows him. This gives Nick the opportunity to paw through her garbage and find a nearly-empty bottle of booze. The phone rings, and the answering machine picks up. It's Eva's voice on the outgoing message, of course. Ricky's father leaves a message, saying that he wants to know what's going on with his son. So he's not in prison after all? Because I thought most outgoing calls from prison contained a message saying that the call originated from a prison. Of course, I probably learned that from TV and movies, so it's probably not true. Nick hits the button to hear the outgoing message again as he stares at a photo of Eva. Franny shoves Ricky back into the apartment. Nick tells her about the message, and Franny admits that Ricky's dad is trying to get custody of Ricky. Did I make up the part about him being in prison? Anyway, Franny says that she doesn't have a lawyer, but was thinking about calling Kathryn for help. Franny changes the subject and offers to make Nick something to eat, which he accepts.

At the hospital, Jeremy sprints to the ICU, where his transplant patient is crashing. As he treats the patient, Jeremy keeps flashing back to the two people he couldn't save during the robbery. Jeremy wants to go to the operating room, even though the patient has been down for fifteen minutes. He then moves to doing surgery in the ICU, cutting open the staples. Most of his treatment, from what I can see, involves looking really intense and yelling, "Come on!" I don't think that's going to work. The other doctor present urges Jeremy to call the time of death, which Jeremy finally does. I really think Scott Wolf needs to put on about ten pounds. He's looking kind of manorexic. Jeremy walks out, still having flashbacks to the robbery. He turns his head and sees Randall lying peacefully unconscious in the bed nearby.

Lucas is told that Felicia has returned to see him. He refuses to see her, which pisses Felicia off. The guard returns her keys and cell phone, and she walks out of the prison, playing with her phone. She flips it open, and flashes back to when she was in the bank, and dialed 911. The revelation hits her hard, and she leans against the wall. Memories come flooding back, including Franny asking her why she did that, and also seeing through the bathroom door that Lucas led her father to the safe at gunpoint. Felicia sits crumpled on the floor, crying as "Amsterdam" by Coldplay plays on the soundtrack.

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