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Heroes Welcome

Jeremy is finishing up his heart transplant when something goes awry and blood starts spurting everywhere. As Jeremy fights to control the bleeding, he flashes back to trying to save Eva. He manages to patch things up with his patient and walks out of the operating room, where he continues to have flashbacks about trying to help Tom the security guard, and then someone (Randall, I think) firing a gun.

The transplant patient's family waits with Lizzie. The patient's wife confides that she had her doubts about Jeremy operating so soon after the robbery, but that her husband insisted that it was fine, and Lizzie agrees. Jeremy walks in and says that, after minor complications, the patient is stable. Should you really lead with the complications? Shouldn't you lead with the good news? The family is ecstatic, and hugs are exchanged all around. Lizzie is oh-so-subtly holding a little kid, in case you forgot that she's secretly pregnant.

Nick has a secret meeting with Pete, his former boss, in a parking garage. Pete heard about the reporter, and thinks that Nick is making a big mistake. He wonders whether this is about "the girl." Nick looks pissed and spits, "Her name is Eva." Pete admits that mistakes were made (nice use of the passive voice), but says there's plenty of blame to go around, and Nick needs to shoulder some of it. Pete points out that Nick has no paycheck and a gambling habit to support. Oh, it's going to be like that, is it? Nick starts to walk away. Pete wonders if Nick cares about his friends at all, and reveals that he knows Egan carried an unregistered concealed weapon into the bank, which is a felony. Pete adds that Franny had an ounce of pot and ten hits of Ecstasy in her purse. The cops haven't pursued it, due to the circumstances, but they could press charges, and Franny would lose custody of Ricky. From what I've seen, that might not be the worst outcome. Nick says that they've already talked to the reporter, and Pete assures him that the story can be killed if he calls the reporter and recants. Can it? Really? I guess if the reporter had nothing to back up Nick's original story, that makes sense. Pete says ominously, "There are bigger forces at work here than me." Pete reaches in his pocket and dramatically places Nick's badge on the hood of his car. He urges Nick to take the medal and the promotion and get on with his life. Nick works his jaw manfully.

Egan is in a staff meeting, led by Chip, who explains about a new paperwork procedure that will increase the company's profits. Female Co-Worker from earlier rallies against the new procedure, because they will be "profiting from other people's pain." Chip urges her to go join the Peace Corps if she doesn't like it, and urges everyone just to do their jobs and keep their mouths shut. Egan has finally had enough, and he tells Chip that he can't talk to people like that. Egan goes on a rant about how Chip is just afraid, and a bully, and that he needs to take control of his life and do something impetuous. Chip decides to take the advice, and fires Egan. Egan looks worried for a minute, but by the time he loosens his collar, grabs his photo of his wife from his cubicle, and makes it outside, he's happier than he's been in a long time. "Get What You Give" by the New Radicals (haven't heard that song since about 1999) plays on the soundtrack as Egan dances his way out the door. That was a bit overdone. I think we all get that Egan has a new lease on life.

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