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Heroes Welcome

As they walk off, Ed asks what she thinks she's doing. Kathryn says that she's helping a friend. Ed points out that she's making their case more difficult by painting the cops as the bad guys. Kathryn accuses him of being more concerned about his career than getting to the truth. Ed tells Kathryn that she's alienating a lot of people, as well as ruining her potential political career. Kathryn doesn't think she had a choice but to help Nick. Ed softens and says he understands that she thinks she owes Nick something, but doesn't think she understands who Nick even is. And speak of the devil! Nick walks up and wonders if he should be part of this discussion. People walk very silently around here; they're always just popping into private conversations with no warning. Ed and Nick compare dick size for a minute, and then Ed plays his trump card and brings up Nick's past, his gambling problem, and that he cost the police a big case due to his actions. Ed thinks that will be the lead in the story the reporter is writing. Nick doesn't think his past is relevant, and thus won't be part of the story. Ha! Keep dreaming. Ed agrees with me, and asks Kathryn to let him know what she decides. Ed leaves and Kathryn confronts Nick about his past. Nick seems to think it's kind of funny, but Kathryn is pissed that he wasn't honest with her when she's putting her career on the line. Hey, she offered! Despite her anger, Kathryn returns and sits with the reporter to continue the interview.

Malcolm and his wife sit in a therapist's waiting room while Felicia talks to the therapist. Malcolm does paperwork while complaining that he's having a hard time finding tellers to replace Franny and Eva. His wife thinks he should consider talking to the therapist with his daughter. Malcolm kind of nods, and his wife suggests that he could even talk to her. Malcolm looks at her and smiles, saying that he knows that he can. His wife is kind of like, "Oh, really? Then why haven't you? I'm as in the dark as the viewers of this show about what the fuck went down." But not in so many words.

Inside the office, the therapist deduces that Felicia doesn't even want to be there. Felicia says she thinks that people (classmates, her mom) sometimes think she's lying about losing her memory. The therapist asks if she is, to get attention, and Felicia gets pissed and says that she's been coming there every day to try to regain her memory. The therapist suggests that she try talking to the other hostages. Felicia says that she has, a little (has she talked to anyone but Lucas?), and that everyone just wants the whole issue to go away.

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