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Heroes Welcome

Egan is pulling a Norma Rae on his co-workers at the cubicle farm. Various people start popping their heads up over their cubes as Egan gives a speech about how his planned changes could make work more fulfilling for both employee and customer. Egan's co-workers are anxious about trying anything new, and then the boss (played by Chip from Kate & Allie, who was later on Oz) comes up and is all condescending to Egan, who misses the sarcasm by a mile. Egan starts pitching his brilliant ideas about a "paper-free, internet-based system that tracks insurance claims in real time." One of Egan's female co-workers is smiling and silently urging him on. Egan knows that the idea would require some initial financial outlay ("some"? I have to think that would run millions of dollars, even for a small firm), but he thinks the benefits would outweigh it. They'd be more efficient, and their customers could worry about getting well instead of haggling for money. Chip stands up and sarcastically says that it sounds like a great idea, except for the fact that they make their profits by banking on inefficiency, so without it, Egan and all of the rest of them would be unemployed. That sounds like a great business model. Chip tells everyone to get back to work, and then bursts Egan's final balloon by saying that Egan can't make any more media appearances if it means he'll be late to work again. Wow. Life is too short to work for an asshole like that. Egan doesn't seem to have kids that we've seen. He needs to quit his job and work somewhere else. Female Co-Worker tells Egan that their boss is a jerk, and then invites him for Taco Tuesday in the cafeteria. If there's anything more depressing than being excited about Taco Tuesday in the cafeteria, I don't know what.

Jeremy operates on his heart-transplant patient and bitches at one of his nurses, who comments that some people never change. I guess the point is that Jeremy was kind of a dick before the standoff, and he still is. So I can stop feeling sorry for him, then?

Nick and Kathryn talk to a reporter in some sort of public atrium or something. Nick explains that he and Kathryn hatched a plan after Randall killed the security guard and it was clear that negotiations weren't working. Kathryn adds that Nick offered himself as the sole hostage, and had the robbers convinced that they would make it out of there alive, so the plan would have worked. The reporter asks if it was true that the wounded security guard could have been released, but they convinced the robbers to let Kathryn's mother go instead. Kathryn interrupts that it was protocol, and Nick adds that the guard was conscious and alert, and that Lucas wouldn't have allowed him to be released anyway. Kathryn adds that the real question is why negotiations broke down so badly that Nick had to deal with it from the inside. Before she can provide a theory on that one, her boss, Ed, walks up and asks to talk to her.

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