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Heroes Welcome

At the bank, a teller asks Malcolm what to do with the dead security guard's last paycheck. Malcolm says that the widow wants it deposited. Malcolm looks outside and sees Franny pacing around on the front steps. He walks out and asks what she's doing. Franny, looking quite anxious, says that she wanted to thank him for organizing the fund for Ricky, but that she can't make herself go inside the bank. Malcolm tells her not to rush, and promises that there will always be a job for her there. Franny doesn't think she can ever go inside again. Malcolm, taken aback, promises to write her a reference. Franny remembers some work she was doing when the robbery went down -- a mortgage that was being processed. She tells Malcolm the status, and thanks him for giving her the opportunity to do some work beyond being a teller. Malcolm tells her that she deserved it, and heads inside to get Franny's things for her.

Kathryn sits in her office, moping. Her assistant tells her that Monica Turner from the Times is on the phone. Kathryn picks up, and the two exchange pleasantries. The reporter explains that she got a tip about Nick – that Eva was shot with his gun, and that Nick had been butting heads with people in his own department. Kathryn asks where Monica's been getting her information. Monica can't tell her. Kathryn says that she'll call Monica back, and asks her not to do anything until then. The reporter agrees, like that would ever happen. Kathryn quickly dials a number and reaches Nick. She tells him firmly, "I'm with you."

Lucas talks with his lawyer, and asks how Randall is doing. The lawyer says that the DA's office is referring to Randall as "Rasputin," since he keeps coming back. The lawyer adds that they need Randall to live, since the legal plan is to pin the whole thing on him. Lucas is upset, and reminds his lawyer that the robbery was Lucas's idea in the first place. The lawyer says that robbery is a separate issue, but that they need to pin the felony murder charges on Randall. Lucas agrees to that. The lawyer wants to put some of the hostages on the stand to testify for Lucas, and asks whether Lucas thinks Felicia would back him up. The lawyer knows that Felicia visited Lucas, and adds that juries love sweet teenaged faces. Lucas gets mad, and says that he knows his lawyer is just using the case for publicity, but that if the lawyer goes anywhere near Felicia, he'll be fired. Hmm. Why is Lucas so protective of Felicia?

Felicia is at school, reading news stories about the robbery on her laptop. She studies the stories that focus on the 911 call that was made from inside the bank -- the call the media is blaming for creating the chaos inside.

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