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Heroes Welcome

Meanwhile, Egan is wrapping up his interview. Everyone loves him. He concludes by speaking directly into the camera and talking about how Eva was killed, and left behind a little boy named Ricky who is being raised by his Aunt Franny. Egan explains that they don't have a lot of money, so he's asking viewers to send donations. Everyone applauds.

Nick is back on the job. He asks some guy at a desk if he got a hit on the plate number from the car outside the diner. Desk Guy says that the car is registered to the FBI. Pete, Nick's boss, comes up and asks Nick if he's decided whether or not to accept the promotion and all that goes with it. Nick asks why the FBI is tailing him. Pete thinks that they are trying to pressure him, because they need Nick to step up and do the photo op to put a nice bow on things for the public. Pete tells Nick that when he gets his promotion and medal, he'll need to make a speech saying that the police handled the situation well. Nick realizes that he's not just a mascot; they want him to put a nice face on things, too. Nick realizes that he'd have to give up his dignity and integrity if he accepted the promotion, so he hands in his badge.

District Attorney's office. Kathryn and Joe are walking in. Joe tells her that he's got tickets and backstage passes for an Elvis Costello concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Kathryn's grateful, but also takes off like a shot when her assistant tells her that Nick is on the phone. Nick breaks the news that he quit his job, and tells her why. Kathryn asks what he's going to do now, and Nick vows to go after all of them, because someone has to pay. Kathryn reminds him that Lucas and Randall will pay. She knows she told him at the funeral that she would back him up, but now she's realized that she needs to move forward with her life. Nick says that things happened in the bank that involve her. Hmm? Like what? Oh yeah, we'll probably find out in Episode 15, if the show makes it that long. Nick asks whether he's alone in this. Kathryn thinks about it, but doesn't answer. Nick says that's his answer, then, and hangs up.

Jeremy scrubs up for surgery, and has flashbacks about trying to help the dying security guard. Lizzie walks into the scrub room and asks how the heart-transplant patient is doing. She apologizes for freaking out earlier and leaving Jeremy with the patient. Jeremy says it's fine. Lizzie blurts, "I wish Randall was dead." Jeremy, not exactly full of sympathy, says that Lizzie just needs to put her head down and move forward.

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