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Heroes Welcome

Cut to eleven days later, with Felicia visiting Lucas in jail. They stare at each other through the glass divider and then pick up the phones. Felicia wonders why Lucas isn't surprised to see her, and asks if it's okay that she's there. Lucas says that he doesn't get a lot of visitors. Felicia points out how big a story is, and Lucas says it looks like the trial will be even bigger. She asks if he has a good lawyer, and then points out that Randall is being treated at the same hospital where Jeremy and Lizzie work. Lucas finally asks the question we're all wondering: "Why are you here?" Felicia says that she's been thinking about everything that happened, and Lucas urges her to forget about him and get back to her normal life. He hangs up and walks away, leaving Felicia to bang futilely on the glass.

Everyone is leaving the diner where they gathered in the last episode. Egan suggests that they meet at the same time next week. Everyone kind of hems and haws, but they all agree. Malcolm wants to drive Franny home, but she insists that she's not that drunk. Malcolm isn't hearing it. As she walks away, Franny gives Jeremy the sex eyes. Kathryn can't believe Lizzie hasn't told Jeremy that she's pregnant yet, and points out that she physically can't hide it much longer. Well, how pregnant is she? Like, two months? I think she can hide it for a few more months, easy. I had a semi-friend in high school who was five months pregnant when we graduated and none of us knew it.

Anyway, Jeremy offers to walk Lizzie to her car, and tells her that some of her stuff is still at his place. He offers to bring it in to work, and Lizzie cuts to the chase and asks if he came with Franny, adding that it would be okay if he did, because Franny shouldn't be alone. Jeremy promises that he didn't, and then asks, "So, are we done?" Lizzie says that she needs some time to think. Jeremy apparently didn't hear the same comment I just did, because he starts lamenting that they're going to flush a two-year relationship down the toilet. Lizzie reiterates that she needs time to think. Jeremy seems to accept this, and wishes her a safe drive home.

Nick and Kathryn walk to their cars. Kathryn points out that the police department wants to make Nick their mascot, in order to get good PR. Nick says that they also want him to keep his mouth shut. Kathryn thinks that's slimy, but also thinks Nick deserves the commendation. Nick says that two people are dead, and that one of them was shot with his gun. Kathryn says that there's nothing he could have done about Eva. So he could have done something about the security guard? Nick and Kathryn stare at each other for a while in lieu of making out, and then get into their cars. Nick notices a nearby car with a guy inside sitting and watching him. He starts to walk over and check it out, and the guy starts the car and drives away. Oh, very sly. I hope that guy's not in law enforcement, because he's about as good at surveillance as my four-year-old nephew, who can always be made because he's giggling. Unless the guy in the car wanted to be seen. Hmmm.

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