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Heroes Welcome

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Heroes Welcome

Nick receives his medal at a ceremony on the steps of City Hall. Kathryn is there, staring at him coldly. She walks over and says that she knows congratulations aren't really in order, and wonders what turned things around for him. Nick won't tell her. They agree to go back to their lives. As Kathryn leaves, Egan walks up and greets Nick warmly. The media wants Kathryn in the photo op, but she refuses.

In the hospital, a cop asks a nurse something, and they both leave the ICU completely unattended, like that would happen. Jeremy walks up to Randall's room, and stands there for a long time, thinking, as the camera pans around him to indicate his state of confusion. He finally enters and injects air or something into Randall's IV, which causes Randall's heart to slow. Jeremy just slowly strolls out of the ICU, like, wouldn't he be in a hurry to leave? Randall flatlines, and the nurse -- who is probably going to be fired now -- comes running back in, along with a couple of cops. What are the cops going to do? Arrest him back to life?

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