The Nine
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Heroes Welcome
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There were nine people taken hostage in a bank robbery gone wrong. They ended up being in the bank for fifty-two hours. Now you shouldn't mind that you missed the first episode.

We flash back to the very beginning of the bank robbery, with Lucas saying that it will all be over in five minutes. Randall keeps his gun trained on Nick, the cop. Everyone else puts their hands up. At Lucas's command, Nick puts his gun on the floor and kicks it over. Eva and Franny eye the alarm button under the counter. Randall (who has clearly watched too many Tarantino films, judging by the way he's jumping up on counters and yelling a lot) spots them and orders them to come out from behind the counter without even thinking about pressing the alarm button. Lizzie starts edging toward the door, and Randall spots her and orders her back. Jeremy grabs her arm and reminds her that the door is locked anyway, and then promises that they'll be okay. Randall, who is clearly on crowd control, orders Kathryn to check Nick's lower leg for a second gun, but she doesn't find one. She decides that this would be a good time to lecture the bank robbers on what a big mistake they are making, and urges them to let everyone go right now, since they've barely committed a felony at this point. Do you think the law cares if you are a little guilty of a felony? It's kind of like being a little pregnant, isn't it? Lucas coolly assures Kathryn that they've taken care of the security cameras. And then he punches Nick in the gut, happy to add assault on an officer to his list of felonies. Lucas orders everyone to slide their cell phones to him. Randall asks Egan why his sleeve is blue, and he nervously says that he doesn't know, so Randall elbows him in the face, causing his glasses to fly off. Malcolm urges Randall to cut it out, and then explains that Egan just came out of the bathroom. Egan, lying on the floor bleeding from the nose, lies that he dropped his wedding ring in the toilet, because he was going to flush it, and then he changed his mind.

Lucas wants to move the proceedings along, and asks who's in charge. Malcolm says that he is, so Lucas asks to go to the vault. Randall happily orders everyone else to lie on the floor on their stomachs. Eva asks Nick if he's okay, and he nods. Malcolm and Lucas head for the vault now that Malcolm has retrieved his keys. Hey, remember when Felicia went into the bathroom instead of heading to the coffee house like her father requested? Yeah, she's still in there, and so far, no one knows about it. She cracks the door open carefully and then slides down to the floor.

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The Nine




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