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Brother's Keeper

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Brother's Keeper
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We open again with a flashback to the first hour of the standoff. I wonder if they are going to go through the flashbacks in order? That seems to be the case so far; I had assumed that they were going to jump around more, but that might be confusing. Given the two or three minutes we see each week, it certainly could take a while to get through the flashbacks, although with sweeps coming up, maybe they are planning to show some more crucial information. Anyway, Randall is busy cleaning out the cashier's drawers, and it's 3:16 PM. Lucas is anxious to get the hell out of there, but Randall wants to make sure that he's got all the cash. Lucas suddenly hears a voice coming from Felicia's cell phone, saying that the police are on their way. He picks up the phone, stares at it, and gives Lizzie a murderous look, and then looks almost disappointed. He yells to Randall that the cops are coming, and they haul ass out of there.

And now we're in the present, at a church, where a choir is singing a spiritual, which means it's time for a montage. Malcolm prays in the church. Elsewhere, Egan sits, thinking. Nick is at a crime scene. Franny puts on lip gloss and stares at herself in the mirror. Jeremy also stares in a mirror of his own. Lizzie sprints down the street. I know pregnant women are encouraged to exercise and stay fit, but for someone who just had a miscarriage scare, she's really pounding the pavement. She nearly gets hit by a car, and pauses to clutch her stomach. Kathryn and Ed are making out in a bed, but Kathryn pushes him away and sits up. Malcolm continues to pray. Randall wakes up and tries to pull out the many wires and tubes that are presumably keeping him alive.

At the prison, Lucas meets with his lawyer, and is informed that his brother has taken a turn for the worse, and needs a liver transplant. Lucas wonders what this has to do with him, and the lawyer explains that either the hospital can get a donor from a transplant list, or they can use a living donor, most likely a relative. Lucas asks what Randall thinks, and the lawyer says that no one has talked to him about it yet, but the lawyer doesn't think that Lucas should be the living donor, because it would look bad to the jury if he saved his brother. I would think it would make Lucas look like a hero, but I guess if their defense is that Lucas was coerced into robbing the bank by his no-good brother, it might hurt them if Lucas turned around and helped his brother survive. Lucas promises that he's done with his brother anyway. There's a quick flashback of the robbery, with Lucas pointing a gun at Randall, and Randall taunting him and then taking the gun away.

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