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All About Eva
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Nick sits out on his deck in the morning, staring at the view and remembering the standoff. We pick up right where we left off last week, with Randall and Lucas running back into the bank because of the cops outside. It's Hour One of the standoff, at 3:19 PM. Nick urges the criminals to take the back exit, and Malcolm hands over his car keys to give them an escape vehicle. Lucas takes off, and Randall says that he'll stay behind and guard the hostages until they are sure they actually have an escape route. Randall is clearly the only one thinking ahead right now. Nick tells them that the cops don't know the bank has a back entrance. And Lucas bought that? Tom the Security Guard groans, and Malcolm asks in a very submissive manner if he and Jeremy can go help the injured man. As Randall considers it, the phone rings. Randall says that they all need to move out front together and Jeremy races to Tom's side. Kathryn's mother (she's still there? I kind of forgot she existed) rolls her eyes, like maybe not the best time to be a diva, Kathryn's mom. Malcolm quietly brings up Felicia to Jeremy, and Jeremy admits that he saw her, but doesn't know where she is now.

Lucas runs back in, apparently unable to get out the back exit. Randall tells Lucas that it's probably the cops on the phone, which has been ringing for a while now. Nick says that they should answer it, or the cops will bust down the doors. Lucas picks Eva out and tells her to answer the phone. Nick immediately volunteers to do it instead, but Lucas is quite adamant that Eva be the one. He keeps the gun trained on her. Lucas and Eva pick up the line at the same time. Eva gives her name and occupation, and then, with Lucas's coaching, tells the police that no one is hurt, and that there are four robbers. Randall notices a commotion through the front windows, and yells that there are cops trying to come in. Lucas wants Eva to hang up, but she quickly gives Ricky's name and where he goes to school, asking the cops to take care of him.

Lucas tells Eva that they're going outside to get the cops to back off, and she starts to walk to him. Nick immediately pops up and volunteers to go instead, reasoning that Eva will be too nervous and they need someone who will stay calm. Nick volunteering for everything is starting to crack me up. Next thing you know, Franny will be like, "I have to go to the bathroom," and Nick will pop up and say, "I'll go. I'm a cop. I've been to the bathroom before." Anyway, Lucas wants Eva and Eva alone, so Nick sinks back to his knees. Lucas goes outside using Eva as a human shield. He warns the cops to back off or he will shoot Eva. As Lucas counts down, a gun fires and Franny screams. Nick breaks out of his reverie as we learn that it's been four weeks since the standoff.

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