The Killing

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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating
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Ray Seward was unimpressed by Linden's late reasoning that he didn't kill his wife, and the Pied Piper still at large chopped off Angie Gower's ring finger. Bullet and Lyric came to stay at Pastor Mike's, which turned out to be a bad idea: Off a tip that Mike's identity was stolen, the SWAT team showed up to an empty house, which left Bullet without a clue where her new girlfriend was. And -- after a scary run-in with her formerly adorable young lover -- Sarah was kidnapped at knife-point, in her own car.


Pastor Mike: "Have you ever been taken hostage before?"
Linden: "Not really. Well, this one time by Native Americans, but Holder was the one that really got screwed there. Have you ever taken a hostage before?"
Pastor Mike: "Surprisingly enough, no. We'll figure something out. I guess I should take your gun and..."
Linden: "Here you go. Here's my phone too, you'll need that so I don't call anybody."
Pastor Mike: "This is going great. Thank you so much for your help, I mean it."
Linden: "Helping people is what I do, Pastor Whatever."
Pastor Mike: "Put on your seatbelt. It is for safety."
Linden: "Safety first, good. Now let's get out of here before somebody notices us doing this."

Linden: "So, I can't help but notice that shit has spun wildly out of control for you."
Pastor Mike: "Yeah you know actually, everything was going fine before you two got on your witchhunt and fucked up my entire life and that of everyone in my care."
Linden: "Why don't you spout stuff that is normal, but sounds crazy as hell."
Pastor Mike: "I am not a pervo, I am not a baddie. I understand the pain inside these kids, that's all."
Linden: "Okay, there's a cop car coming up on our left. I just want you to know I'm not going to signal them or anything."
Pastor Mike: "You were like, born to be taken hostage. You are a cool customer."


Holder: "I don't have time for your Bullet nonsense, Bullet..."
Bullet: "Uh, as usual I am ten times the helpful of anyone else. Lyric called me saying that Pastor Mike was going to kill her (after I accidentally made him kidnap us)."
Holder: "That part is interesting. Now say some lies to me."
Bullet: "He is taking her to the woods where he killed all the other girls."

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The Killing




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