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The Trick Of Getting Back
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Assured that nothing he said or did mattered -- and a child of the system -- Death Row inmate Ray Seward wanted to make a big noise when he went, so he demanded his right to a hanging. Linden and Skinner, have had fairly interesting lives since making the original arrest, but now that the Killing has started up again it's become (moderately but not entirely) clear that Ray was not the man who killed his wife to begin with. The front-runner suspect, a child pornographer named Joe, was eventually nailed by the cops (and the victim's son) and a trophy matching one taken from the victim was discovered (by Reddick?) in Mills's crap.

Seward's getting more and more nervous as his end date comes near, and on the outside Sarah's desperation to save him has been amping up, but today's the day, and finds Sarah lurking around outside the jail, while her partner Holder -- heart broken by the last of Joe's victims and a betrayal by his interim mentor Reddick -- is off on a bender. While the evidence against Mills for Seward's murder is dubious, Sarah has been getting more and more loosy-goosy about how she gets the job done. While there's no way he's going free -- he's done plenty of awful shit regardless -- she doesn't want to be the person that sent an innocent man to the chair, much less the gallows.

5:00 AM

Another hack approached Henderson earlier in the season, talking about selling off all these accoutrements -- the shackles, the hood, the rope -- but this is the first time we've really seen them. A man reads out the final sentence as Henderson watches, and then it's all very official: Several men at several buttons push them, and the man drops... But it was just a dummy! The clock starts now: At five PM, unless Sarah fixes it, that'll be Ray. Welcome to this show.

To throw you off even more, the camera is all jerky as they let her into the building, all the beeping and everything, with her bag of rings. Seward is more happy to see her than he lets on; after the abuse from Dale and the general breaking down of his lifetime's worth of defenses, she's not just an avatar of hope to him but more than that. She's the coincidental, random possibility of survival, teasing him: Life itself.

Ray: "You didn't call yesterday, I waited."
Sarah: "Kidnapped, then my best friend's best friend got kidnapped and murdered, it was a whole kidnapping frenzy for a couple days, don't worry about it. Look at these rings."

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