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The Pied Piper will sometimes cut your head off, often with vague religious overtones, but all we know about him is that he isn't Ray Seward, who is otherwise occupied: On Death Row for cutting off a head, off which he did not in fact cut. Pastor Mike was very dedicated to Beacon Home, where some children might find refuge and others, sometimes missing fingers, might end up turned away. One child in particular, we still don't know where she is or what she is up to, making this season of The Killing different from previous ones in which the only thing we knew for certain was that Rosie Larsen's ass was dead, dead, dead.


Pastor Mike: "It's terrible how these girls are getting their heads cut off! I provide them with home and safety from that, but only in limited numbers."
Linden: "Can you tell us more about them?"
Pastor Mike: "I try not to pry. Especially the girls, who are just innocent angels."
Linden: "Do you have pictures and in-depth dossiers on them, though?"
Pastor Mike: "Maybe. Maybe that, I do."
Holder: "Why are you so obsessed with helping these kids?"
Pastor Mike: "I guess because I'm a nice guy. Or, like everybody on this show, because I am driven to do so by a fucked up history and a need to solve the world's problems in lieu of my own."
Team Linden: "That does sound very fishy!"
Pastor Mike: "If Angie Gower comes by here I will make sure to call you. Hopefully still with all her fingers she has left."

Rayna, aka "Gay Ray," a.k.a. Tariq from LA Complex, the best show of all time, hides in the shadows. For once, not smoking. Just being afraid because of secrets.


Twitch: "There is a bisexual vibe in here! That's two problems!"
Lyric: "Maybe we did get gay a little bit, but please don't get weird about it."
Bullet: "Probably it stresses you out in part because you are gay for pay."
Twitch: "I cannot possibly deal with y'all tweaking me about that, after my recent rape."
Bullet: "If only I knew about that, we could maybe find some common ground. Instead, though, I am going to steal your girlfriend. Perhaps already I have."

Fisticuffs. Tiny skinny malnourished babies, beating on each other the best they can. Eventually Bullet and Lyric scram, leaving Twitch to what is rapidly becoming one of the sadder lives on this very sad show about very sad lives.

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