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You're sitting at an intersection, in the dead of night. No buildings around, a country four-way stop with a light. It is red. And there are no cars coming. It's a clear night, you can see all the way around you, and there's nobody there. Nobody's watching, nobody cares what you do. Are you going to run that light?

And when you do, how's it going to feel?


Alicia's spent the season slowly opening her eyes to the inevitable shortcuts and truth-bending to which Diane and Will's monster baby necessarily tends, but has yet to see the firebrand ways of Cary (or Mr. Bitcoin) as a viable option. But when an administrative uprising lead to a "split the revolution" reward for the ringleaders, her recent -- already incredibly compromised -- promotion took on a new, dirtier cast. As usual, her ideas about herself as a mother took precedent, and she gave in to the pressure of learning to be management, despite her misgivings.

Meanwhile, Peter's race to the Illinois Governor's seat has been fraught with its own ethical dilemmas, as Eli and Jordan played various demographics off one another until nobody could tell who the good guy was. At the end of the day, once Alicia squared away the women's vote with a personal attack on the Republican candidate -- and several hopscotching steps toward reconciliation with her questionable husband, some financial and others casually sexual -- Peter was closer than ever to winning... But, given our history with Jim Moody and other DNC heavies, that still may not be enough.


Zach arrives the day before the election to vote, having just turned eighteen, and is greeted by the platonic ideal of Crazy Old Ladies, Estelle Parsons. After voting, some hot dude catches his eye dropping off an unsealed box of early votes, and -- being the son Peter and Alicia raised -- investigates.

Nana Joe: "That's so crazy that you have the last name Florrick! Trust me, I get it. My last name is Eisenhower."
Zach: "Cool. Listen, do we need to do something about the obvious vote tampering going on over here?"
Nana Joe: "I'm just a crazy old lady with no idea what you're talking about, which is exactly the only thing that ever freaks you out, when people in authority don't deserve it."
Zach: "I am patient to a fault, though, and will explain it."
Buckley: "I'm Mr. Buckley, polling monitor and bitchy flaccid martinet. Allow me to educate you on some laws I just made up about how you can't take pictures of vote tampering."

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