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More Than A Woman

Compared to Diane Lockhart, Alicia's just some woman. Some Caitlin, that can be trained to behave but never be great. That's what's always been at the bottom of it. The kindest day Diane ever gave her was the day she told her Peter could be useful: That she was important because she was the Good Wife. Diane loves her mind, it's not that, it's something else. Her choices, the fact that she dropped off the map for fifteen years and expected to come back to an unchanged world.

Alicia has no friends. She had them back home, but they're all boring or weird or stuck back there, where she used to be. She can't make friends now because she's got no peers: She's married but unmarried, she's a lawyer and a mother, she's a softy and a hardass. The only people who understand her, her only peers, are people just as complicated as she is, and those are the ones she hates the most. And then there's the guilt of knowing Diane sees her as a woman first, and treats her that way. Uses her like a tool, as much for what she is as what she can do.

Alicia had a friend once. Who told the truth, unadorned; a friend who lied. She was lonely before, and she is lonely now. But if Diane were telling the truth, she could have that again. A guide, to the partnership track, and she'd never owe anybody again. Diane's asking her to make a choice, without promising to fulfill her end of the bargain:

Trade Will for me, shame for alliance, complications for power. Men for women.


Coyne has found a note in the garbage that says "Be Sorry" -- love how he's still going through this bag of garbage, days later, still finding clues -- and finds the other half of it.

Coyne: "So this note I just put together like I'm in The Goonies reads, 'Change your vote or you'll be sorry'!"
Diane: "I think that's what they call messy jury. Too bad it's inadmissible."
Alicia: "Let's compare the handwriting."
Diane: "Smart! Where's our resident graphologist Kalinda Sharma?"
Coyne: "Oh, PS. She got arrested a few scenes ago."
Diane & Alicia: "...Wait, what?"
Coyne: "Sorry I forgot to mention that."
Alicia: "You know what, I'll go bail her out."
Diane: "Really? Don't you hate her?"


Wendy Scott-Carr is seated, in her lavender carcoat, in the judge's chambers. He's pretending not to be scared, which is tough considering there's blood running up the walls and an unearthly choir vaguely singing somewhere in the vicinity of the ceiling.

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