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More Than A Woman

Zach: "Kalinda told us not to tell you. I was freaking out, she tracked Grace, she rescued her. I got the distinct impression she didn't want you to know she was helping."
Alicia: "Can of worms, you've hereby been opened. Zach, I'm not mad. But don't keep secrets, okay?"
Zach: "You can keep saying that, and I will keep agreeing, but we both know I'm mostly just an adorable plot device that will continue to keep secrets as the situation warrants."

One more secret: He's totally an opera singer in real life. Did you know that? No? That's Zach for ya.


Alicia finally goes to Diane for their scary chat. You have to keep reminding yourself that Alicia breaking up with Will is kind of like the second voicemail: It changes everything, but nobody actually knows that it's changing everything. Alicia doesn't technically know that Diane was as aggressive about breaking them up as she was, so she can't know that Diane threatened Will with an ultimatum or gave him a scotch when it ended. Likewise, Diane doesn't know that Alicia broke up with Will, so she's doing all kinds of damage control that isn't necessary.

What's neat is that not all coincidences screw you; sometimes this kind of thing turns out okay. Diane is walking them backwards into a friendship (and Alicia's partnership) without knowing that none of it is really necessary on the same merits she thinks it is. You know what I mean?

Diane: "So yeah, you've been distracted lately? Let's just say yes. You know, I was intimate with Stern in many ways, and that was a double-edged sword, because women don't get credit for things. So here's my latest manipulative angle on this thing. I want you to go back to considering me as your mentor, because I want you on the partner track. But in order for that to count, you cannot be distracted. By family, by 'friendships' in the office, whatever it is. You've gotten far along this path, but now you have only two options. Keep rising, or fall to Earth. I am here to help you."

Alicia: "My mouth is saying nothing, predictably enough, but my eyes are saying suck my dick."

Unless. Unless she's telling the truth, like she always has. Unless she hasn't written Alicia off, the way Alicia's been assuming this entire time out of her own guilt. If she means it, if she means women should help women and that's all there is to it, then it's worth entertaining the thought. She's always wanted Diane to like her -- she wants everyone to like her -- but Diane's got no kids and never takes her eye off the ball. Even her dog's name is Justice.

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