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More Than A Woman

Wendy Scott-Carr: "Oh hey, Dana! I was just thinking about you while twittering bluebirds dressed me in this lavender car-coat that perfectly matches my eyeshadow. And drinking the blood of virgins."
Dana: "Cool, listen. You know how you're investigating L/G on judge bribing? Well, this judge is being really gross in front of me by insisting that the defense do their jobs in spite of us whining like babies and doing everything we can to stop them. I think maybe this is evil, and not just everybody acting as an officer of the court and me taking it personally. Basically, like everybody else in this episode, I am drunk with power. I hereby rub your lamp, Wendy Scott-Carr."

God. Already with Kalinda in jail it was like, what madness will these fools do, and now they're bringing in Wendy? I mean, we knew that the breakup wouldn't help against WSC in any way, but things seem to have really heated up in the last few minutes.


Some old friend of Alicia's asks how the marriage is doing, and she says it's fine.

Friend: "You're like Bill and Hillary! [Rimshot! Or foreshadowing. Either way tacky of you, lady.] Hey, have you heard about this very empowering tribe where the whole society is about who the women want to have sex with? Nothing to do with kids and marriage, the women decide whether the men stay the night..."
Alicia: "-- I hate this. I hate this entire conversation. You were supposed to be boring and bring me back to boring life. What you're saying is too close to the crazy thoughts I decided to stop having. I want more boring friends."

Owen: "Not all of your old friends can have become creepy slutty swingers. Statistically."
Alicia: "No, I think that it's entirely possible that all of my old friends are now creepy swingers. I will let you know. I have to go yell at Black Jesus now."


Jimmy: "Hey, I'm adorable. Can I help you with some Urban Outfitters clothing?"
Alicia: "No, I am here to yell at you. Sorry, but that's the episode we're in. The one where everybody yells at everybody in their personal place of business. I'm Grace's mother, I don't know if I mentioned that."
Jimmy: "Man, she's really something. Isn't she? Very open to affection and approval from others. Almost supernaturally needy, one might say."
Alicia: "Of all her bad ideas, you are the very best. I mean that. You are awesome."
Jimmy: "No, I get it. Sorry I abducted her that time. Listen, she should go to a real church."
Alicia: "-- That is up to me. That is between me and Joan of Arc. Anyway, don't talk to her anymore."
Jimmy: "I know that, I already knew that."
Alicia: "She talked to you? I am going to kill that girl."
Jimmy: "No, your assistant told me. The one that came and got her the other day?"
Alicia: "...What are you talking about?"
Jimmy: "Your assistant? Totally sexy, wears boots and tiny skirts and hoodies, like, your typical office-casual dress code? If you were an assassin or Liz Salander? She told me never to talk to Grace again or she would hurt me? Does that not ring a bell? Do you not know anybody fitting that description?"

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