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More Than A Woman

Diane: "The partner? He was our best witness!"
Kalinda: "Well, that's what did it. Also, check out her button blog."
Diane: "No way, man. Alicia, you go look at her button blog."
Alicia: "Okay, I can. As soon as I'm done at this private thing I'm doing that I don't feel like talking about."
Diane: "If this is about Will Gardner, I will have your balls. Come see me when you're done with your private stuff."
Alicia: "Tummy hurts."


Peter: "<.i>[Charms the lady.]"

Alicia: "I forgot how good you are at charming people. It's like you're a politician or something."
Peter: "I am also very tall. And way less orange these days. Hey, is there any chance Grace will someday suck less?"
Alicia: "Sometimes I worry that we did something terribly wrong that resulted in Grace."
Peter: "I constantly worry that I am fucking up our kids."
Alicia: "That's basically what I think happened."


The first guy is a contractor who is cutting down a tree when Kalinda goes to visit him. No buttons as far as I can tell.

Kalinda: "Isn't that weird, that everybody changed their minds at once?"
Foreman: "That's me. I was one of those guys. We just hated the policeman. I mean, he was very impressive in person, but when we went back and read the testimony without him there in his little outfit, it was a different story."
Kalinda: "That's very interesting. Hey, can I..."
Cary: "Kalinda, you're totally under arrest."
Kalinda: "Tree Man, am I harassing you?"
Cary: "Doesn't matter. I just got him in trouble with his boss, and he's a public employee so that means you are under arrest."
Kalinda: "You're a dick, Cary. Good thing I'm unflappable."


Dana: "Are you done arresting Kalinda? We have a problem where they thing they can get a mistrial on jury misconduct."
Coyne & Dana: "[Fight about things, pissing the judge off again.]"
Diane: "Button Lady blogged in a very vague fashion about the trial on her button blog."
Alicia: "[Reads from the blog, which on that day got 45,000 hits (Buttons! Button People!) and therefore she's shared info about the case with 45,000 people.]"
Dana: "No, they're reaching. That was vague as possible."
Judge: "Sadly, I must agree. But this was an unjust verdict and I don't want you fighting them on trying to overturn this. Ms. Lockhart, keep digging around and bothering people until we can fight this."

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