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Legal Aid Guy ganks the trash from the Jury Room, while Kalinda takes pictures of everybody's license plates and Alicia approaches the foreman of the jury, who apparently had zero trouble saying that the lady shot her husband. Dana watches from a lurking corner.

Alicia: "Can I interest you in a conversation about what went wrong?"
Foreman: "I can't talk about the trial, they told us..."
Alicia: "-- No, it's fine now that there's been a verdict..."

Dana, fetching Cary: "They are up to no good. I can feel it in my lesbian windbreaker."
Cary: "Foreman, you don't have to talk to her!"
Alicia: "It's cool, you guys!"
Cary: "Dude, if they try to compromise the verdict, give me a call and we'll take them in on harassment."

Dana: "Hey, Kalinda!"
Kalinda: "Hey, Dana! I'm not doing anything weird."
Dana: "It seems like you're taking pictures of license plates."
Kalinda: "No, I'm just noting information which is both legally obtainable and legally obtained."
Dana: "I am warning you that if they call harassment on you, I will personally throw you in jail."
Kalinda: "I am too busy being adorable to worry about that, but thanks."


Coyne and Alicia go through the garbage of the jury room, and it's awesome because they go down through layers of things as they kept voting and voting. So like, it's unanimous, but then under the dinner garbage it was 10/2, but before lunch it was 3/9. So sometime between lunch and dinner, seven jurors got Angry Man'd: What happened at lunch?


The beautiful crying lady-juror gets a visit from Kalinda, and shows her all the buttons she's collected, which she keeps in this amazing house that is too good for just a button cathedral. Kalinda sits down for tea and some hardcore button-appreciation, once they text her about the lunchtime twist.

Kalinda: "So why did you freak out at the verdict reading?"
Button Lady: "I'm just a nervous person -- especially when I'm away from my many buttons -- but yeah, I did want to vote that way."
Kalinda: "What happened at lunch?"
Button Lady: "I don't know if we should talk about this..."
Kalinda: "Oh, these buttons are really pretty. So yeah, the other jurors already talked. There's nothing hinky going on here."
Button Lady: "It was the alibi testimony from her police partner that did it. That guy was a douchebag. Hey, wanna talk some more about buttons?"

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