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More Than A Woman

Peter takes the kids, and Alicia thinks for a second about how normally this is when she would call Will and have sex with him in her special underwear, but now instead she's doing things ladies do when the kids are gone, like be happy the kids are gone, and eat snacks, and do some laundry, and whatever. Her vision board. Nosh on some Activia.

She turns on the TV and watches part of a hilarious cable movie about Joan of Arc that follows the old "Demi Moore masturbating in a hot tub" model of period pieces, but eventually she's so bored -- or has just forgotten the majority of things you can do, when you're not wasting your free time screwing Will -- so she calls somebody to meet her at a bar.


Alicia is pretty buzzed by the time her interlocutor arrives, so you could think it was anybody coming towards her. Kalinda, maybe, or Will. But no, it is Owen. Owen! Alone. Finnless.

Owen: "Girl, you sure don't look like a person who just radically simplified her shit."
Alicia: "I feel weird about everything. I have been staring into space so much."
Owen: "Are you in love with Will?"
Alicia: "I mean, I have a lot of Things going on."
Owen: "But are you in love with Will?"
Alicia: "I am married. To a powerful man."
Owen: "I guess so, but are you in love with Will?"
Alicia: "He is my boss. It makes me feel gross."
Owen: "He doesn't have to be your boss. You're a big girl, and people are always trying to poach you from L/G. So are you in love with Will?"
Alicia: "Not really."
Owen: "Then why are we talking about it?"
Alicia: "WHERE IS FINN? I wish I had friends. Or peers."

Her phone rings: The verdict is in. Apparently the jury didn't feel like going home, so they got their jurisprudence on while Alicia was getting hammered.


Foreman: "Guilty of murder in the first degree."
Diane: "Judge, please make them each look the defendant in the eye and say she's guilty of murder in the first degree. Alicia, before we start that, go get Kalinda."
Alicia: "But I hate Kalinda! Fine, I'm drunk anyway."

Kalinda scampers into the courtroom so fast she's got sparks comin' off those boots; she makes a little diagram of the jury and marks down how they feel: Two of them are Maybes, who choke out their votes like they are getting punched in the stomach. It's very suspenseful, and then it's done. The lady looks pretty sick, and Diane sends Kalinda off to get information on the two Maybes and says they have to find out the title of the episode, because they can still get it reversed or get a judgment notwithstanding of what the jury said, since the judge is on their side and hates Cary anyhow.

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