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More Than A Woman


Alicia fugues out some more, bumping into Will eventually in the hallway.

Will: "Oh, hey Alicia. I wasn't crying or anything."
Alicia & Will: "So, it shouldn't be awkward that we broke up. Okay. So we're good."
Alicia: "I kind of thought you would make a big sassy mess."
Will: "For reasons you'd be better off knowing, I have made my piece with our breakup."
Alicia: "I wouldn't say I'm disappointed, but it's certainly a weird feeling."
Will: "I have work to do. Also, I got full credit for dumping you even though I didn't."
Alicia: "For my part, I have a tremendous amount of staring into space to do in this episode of The Good Wife."

Diane: "Cary, good work! Who's a little man?"
Cary: "Thanks for patronizing me, Diane. It feels great. So here's the deal, second degree, minimum jailtime."
Diane & Legal Aid Guy Coyne: "[Celebrate silently, including a high-five that they stop at the last second because they are on speakerphone; it is so cute that even Alicia interrupts her busy staring-into-space schedule to grin at them.]"

Dana v. Legal Aid Guy: "<[Try to fight the whole case again over the phone until Diane shuts them up.]"


Defendant: "So it's four years, one of which I'll actually spend in jail, versus waiting until the jury comes back in a minute. Alicia, what should I do? You're not talking much."
Alicia: "That's kind of my thing. But since you asked, here's a long and beautifully written speech about your options. Essentially, you're the only one who knows if you did it and if a year is worth it to you. On the other hand, juries are crazy."
Defendant: "Crazy, you say?"
Alicia: "They're your peers. I've never understood my peers. (I secretly don't think I have any. The two things are possibly related.)"
Defendant: "Well, I didn't do it, so I'm not taking the deal."
Diane & Coyne: "It's your ass."


Peter: "That Capstone Headmistress is a piece of work!"
Florricks: Laugh and are cute like an old married couple, which is what they are.
Peter: "And of course I'm paying half."
Alicia: "But David Lee told me to pay the whole thing, for when I divor... Oh, I mean never mind. Okay, if you want."
Peter: "So does Grace still suck?"
Alicia: "You know it. She's grounded from everything, including Jimmy Patrick."
Peter: "That's Black Jesus? I will scare him to death."
Alicia: "No, I will do it."
They Are: Cute some more.

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