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More Than A Woman

YES! So fantastic. Even Will is impressed. "Only in Cook County," he giggles.

Wendy: "Peter's clean, this term. But not before. And you know where his weaknesses lie."
Will: "I know lots of things. But I won't help you."
Wendy: "Just talk to me. It's the smart move."
Will: "Nope. I'm getting a lawyer."
Wendy: "The next time we talk, it'll be in front of a grand jury."
Will: "Awesome."


I mean, how great is that? After all the lamp-genie jokes, the Weaponized Alicia thing, after all that talk about cancer, and you've got Wendy pulling the most amazing scheme of all: Rub the lamp, see what comes out. If Wendy Scott-Carr is Weaponized Alicia, then suddenly Diane is the better choice, no matter what the price is. It means changing, sure, but way less than what this just turned into.

Because Diane wasn't just talking about Alicia, when she said women have to work twice as hard. When she said women have to help women. She was talking about all women, and about what the world looks like when you fall between the cracks into a rare place or moment that isn't defined by male privilege. If you spend your whole life finding ways to be the Good Wife, like Alicia, you can make that work for you, the sky is the limit if you're great at it; and if you want to be Diane, beat the men at their own game, you can get even further. If you don't let them draft you into the Mommy Wars, if you don't let them beat out your respect for other women, you can get further still.

But what if the world wasn't just for men anymore? What if your survival tricks stopped working? What if your reasons started sounding like excuses? What if you came upon a woman who'd fought just as hard, and given up just as much, and was just as smart and even angrier? What about those women? What about that Lifeguard bitch, that broke Diane's heart? She was just a woman. And Wendy's crawled right in bed with Peter, the whole SA, and the only person who knows about it is the one person who can't say anything because he's the weapon she's using: Wendy's just a woman too.

So while Wendy and Will are finally having their showdown, Alicia waits at the bar, again, waiting for somebody to show, again. Owen? Finn? Will, to tell her about this most amazing of the twists? To draw for her the lines between Will and Peter and Eli and herself, and how they've all changed once again? To show her just how far Wendy Scott-Carr is willing to go, to prove a point? Peter, to take her home with him and make it all okay again? Eli, bringing news about the war?

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