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More Than A Woman


Lady: "I've started biting my nails. Like really bad."
Alicia: "We have some hope."
Lady: "Awesome. Thanks for stopping by."
Alicia: "I want to apologize for advising you at the beginning of the episode the way that I did. I'm afraid I was abrupt. For me, I mean."
Lady: "It was the truth."
Alicia: "Sometimes the truth can be more ... adorned."
Lady: "I don't have a lot of friends visiting me. I had a lot of friends once. But you know, people say nice things and smile sometimes, and then they don't visit. You don't get anything, in the end. I can deal with the unadorned."
Alicia: "I thought I could too, until life called my bluff."


Headmistress: "Mr. Florrick! You're very tall right now."
Peter, closing the door behind him and scaring the piss out of her: "You know one of the advantages of my position -- there aren't many -- is that I can do background checks on a motherfucker. Did you know that many of your teachers have had ... issues? As a concerned parent, I mean, I checked it out. They're not sex offenders, but they have drug charges and stuff. Bad checks."
Headmistress: "Uh, you're the State's Attorney..."

Peter, verbatim because Jesus H: "Yes, ma'am. I am. That's why I'm going to say this to you very slowly. I'm the State's Attorney. You don't say no to me. And you especially don't say no to me when it concerns my children. Do you understand? I think the word you're looking for is Yes... Good. So. We'll be hearing from you."

Uh. Yikes? I've been watching the show a long time, and the early episodes are kind of a blur, but has Peter ever pulled one like that before? Because that was straight terrifying.

And there are so many neat parallels in this episode, like how Alicia gets up Cary's ass just about this hard in a little while. But what it made me think about was how both of her two other people -- Will and Kalinda -- are in this position of thinking that they are sad and Alicia isn't sad. They both had variations this week on that "this doesn't have to be awkward" conversation, with the implication that she did what was necessary and broke it off with them, The End, and just because she's so good at being Alicia it comes off like they're the ones paying the price. And it's so in the interests of her persona that she comes off that way without even processing it rationally. You know? Like when she handed Peter the keys and said, "You live somewhere else now," and it made him so mad -- that vanishing, that cold -- that he aimed Wendy at her and Will. Jackie too, Jackie never saw that shit coming.

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