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More Than A Woman

Alicia: "This isn't that conversation. I know your tricks. This isn't getting any wider in scope than the current situation. I am not forgiving you by thanking you. I am not not forgiving you, sitting in this car, because forgiveness and our history are beyond the scope of this conversation. I am thanking you for a good deed, which I have repaid. Not because I love you, but because I don't want to owe you. This is the opposite of a favor."
ibid., verbatim: "-- No. You didn't have to. That's why I'm thanking you."

Kalinda: "Yeah, well, let's not forget that I've never done anything to hurt you, and the fact that I technically don't have a leg to stand on doesn't mean I'm not in pain too. You vanished. The thing that you're constantly threatening to do, the one power you actually wield, and you did it to me. I'm guilty, I get it, but I was very lonely before I met you. And now I'm lonely again. And you seem to be doing just fucking fine."
ibid., verbatim: "You're welcome."


They bring in the adenoidal Juror #12, the other crier, and he shows Cary and the judge the note he got about voting guilty. Coyne once again ticks off the judge a little, and Cary bitches and makes him yell too, so I guess we're still good.

Judge: "So did this note change your mind?"
Dana: "I smell brimstone. I guess Wendy already took care of this."
Diane: "Doesn't matter! The mere fact of its existence..."
Judge: "Nope, sorry. If he wasn't going to change his vote it still doesn't help. Do better. And I'm afraid that I can't support you harassing jurors anymore, either. We're relegated to playing this like first-years because actually treating one another like adults has failed. I don't want Wendy Scott-Carr back in here. I've been wiping blood off the walls all day."

So what's weird is, he says it was the foreman guy that gave him the note -- he just assumed the guy wanted to go home for the night, or back to the trees -- but the foreman guy was another one who changed his vote. So now there's two mysteries: Why was the foreman guy scared enough to threaten even the Guilty voters, and who applied the pressure? Let's visit Button Lady, she's proven real helpful so far.


Kalinda: "Let's talk about buttons some more! And about what happened at lunch."
Button Lady: "We didn't talk about the case. I do remember that the Foreman Guy, Mario, would often take off during lunch -- we'd eat at the Chopstick Shack, which is a real restaurant named that -- and go next door for mysterious reasons."

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