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More Than A Woman
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Kalinda secretly saved Grace Florrick from some kind of poor people cult. Dana and Cary are now having freaky pretend lesbian sex with each other. Alicia and Peter were so flipped out by the non-death of their daughter that they acted civil with each other, which should piss David Lee off immensely. There is at present no sign of Finn; Jackie has yet to retaliate against Alicia for standing up to her; Eli just found out that Peter was coming after Will. Diane got bored and brought Legal Aid in-house. She also pressured Will to break up with Alicia, but in the end Alicia was too overwhelmed by various Things and did the deed herself. This won Will points with Diane, but broke his heart -- or at least his idea that he is in love with Alicia -- in the process.


Diane: "Alicia! Lose the fugue state."
Alicia: "Sorry, I've got a lot of things going on. What is happening with this case?"
Diane: "We got a Legal Aid case here of a lady who didn't shoot her husband in the head."
Dana: "Your Honor, this is about a lady who shot her husband in the head."
Judge: "We'll let the jury decide."
Dana & Cary: "[Bitching and moaning about that, pissing him off.]."


Alicia: "Thanks for calling, I was so bored in the middle of this murder case! How about you let my kids go to your private school? It's been a few episodes since they changed schools, and just recently were put in no danger whatsoever, so as you can see it's very important that I get them into private school. And also pay for it myself, in preparation for that divorce on which I'm still dragging my feet."
Scary Capstone Academy Lady: "There is nothing we can do for you."
Alicia: "Really? Did you know my husband is Peter Florrick?"
Capstone: "No! That changes everything. Sorry, we don't usually have information like that on file. It's why so many of our students are indigents and sex offenders merely posing as children."


Alicia: "Peter, the Capstone people are all over you because of being State's Attorney."
Peter: "Using my influence and name is just one of the many things that make me a good husband for you and your schemes."

Cary & Dana: "This judge hates us, sir."
Peter: "He didn't always hate you, what happened?"
Cary & Dana: "Sundry legal things."
Peter: "Offer them second degree, four years."
Cary: "But we don't plea bargain! And other objections because I hate losing!"
Peter: "Look, I take being State's Attorney very seriously. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to use my influence and name to bribe my children into their fifteenth school this year."

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