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Florrick/Agos moved into their new digs, Eli and Jackie were at war over her role in state government, and Will has decided to take over the world.


Pointing up the level playing field on which F/A is finally starting to play, we begin with two parallel conversations at the two firms in which the differences are more intriguing than the similarities.

F/A is pressed for time finding new clients, rather than fighting LG over the same high-profile accounts, like incestuous siblings. Their philosophy is that there is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. LG, on the other hand, has two issues to deal with: They need to build up their ranks before they can properly satisfy their current clients, get back recent deserters, or find new avenues -- especially if they want to stay on track with Will's incredibly ambitious plans.

What's interesting is how little F/A cares about sacking the old village, since they're satisfied with what they have. You could say that with ChumHum in their pocket they don't really need to worry about poaching anymore, but I think it's more about looking forward. LG wants to destroy F/A because they have hurt feelings, no matter what dystopic spin Will Gardner puts on it; F/A doesn't want to destroy anybody.

David Lee: "I, for one, do not miss our fourth-years one bit."
Diane: "And yet, we've had to get continuances on eight of our twelve open cases because there's nobody to work them."
Will: "We need at least four litigators with trial experience, stat."
LG: "And to get our clients back! I still have nightmares about ChumHum."
David Lee: "And we need to destroy Florrick/Agos!"
Will: "Stop acting like this is a zero-sum situation. We can do all the things. David Lee, you form a group to bring our clients back home, since you love getting your hands dirty and the rest of us don't. Diane, Kalinda and I will find new lawyers. Creepy ones. Starting right now."

Robyn suggests an office housewarming slash Christmas party, which is a great idea for the above reasons but also because it makes it seem like the rocky mine train ride of the past three weeks was all part of the plan. Kind of like how you don't visit somebody's new house until they put their kitchen curtains up. It's a great idea that will see fruition in next week's multiple-of-five barnstormer. Alicia gets a call.

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