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Cary was a lawyer at LG, then at the State's Attorney, then at LG again, and now he's at F/A. Alicia was a law student and then a wife of a corrupt guy, then at LG, and now she's at F/A. Geneva Pine has been an ASA the whole time, and Matan is presumably in the same boat although we haven't seen him in forever.

On the Peter side, Zach uncovered ballot tampering that ended up being the fault of DNC Frank, which Eli didn't know about but Peter -- after Will told him about it -- decided wasn't worth mentioning to anybody. Now the video of the tampering's been leaked (maybe by Will?) and Marilyn and Eli find themselves on the same side of ethics for like, the first time ever.


Last July, a couple (nerdy Howard Lampe and buxom Darla Riggs, who seem to be in real love) were arrested for trafficking coke from Brazil, and took LG as their counsel. Now it's a big mess, due to the firm politics, so LG and F/A both want to sever the cases and for some reason Matan is not feeling that.

Will: "My client is the lady one. It will make her look bad to be tried at the same time as the man one, because we are going to say he did it."
Alicia: "My client is the man one. It will make him look bad to be tried at the same time too, because if you look at both of them together it seems fishy."
SA: "They both look worse if we keep them visually together, because of the fishiness and the fickle nature of love."
Judge Victor Garber: "But because this is really about Alicia and Will, I am going to suggest the stupidest thing imaginable, which is that you have separate cases but try them at the same time -- with two separate juries -- and that way, nobody wins. It's kind of more efficient in one way, but also a very big mess in another way."


Cary: "Crazy days, right?"
Alicia: "Working alongside Will? Or the double jury thing? Or I mean, who is Will?"
Cary: "Okay like you just started yelling at each other. In front of Victor Garber! I am going to be first chair."
Alicia: "Because you think I will get emotional and weird?"
Cary: "Obviously. Wait, no. I mean because I think Will is going to be emotional and weird."
Alicia: "When you put it like that, it seems like he's the problem. I like it. Plus, he's always a better lawyer when he has murder in his heart. This way he will just be petulant and shitty in front of Victor Garber."

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