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Previously have there ever been Previouslies on this show? It's part of the attempt to pretend to be a procedural that they never have those. But since we haven't seen Lemond Bishop since his wife "disappeared," and we haven't talked about the FBI's interest in him in a while, and since this entire episode is about that, I guess it makes sense. And since we're already doing "Previously there was this guy Lemond Bishop," you might as well toss in "Also this Maddie Hayward is up to something, nobody knows what it is," and "Kalinda's backstory has become a hopeless nonsensical mess" while you're at it.


Lemond's taking care of his kid's morning activities; Dylan's having a birthday party he's very excited about, and what we know that he doesn't is that nobody's coming to his birthday party, due to his father being the premiere drug kingpin of Chicago. So there's a bounce house coming, and nobody to bounce in it. At least, until he's got the kid off to school and then all of his phones start ringing. Which, since he's a drug dealer, he has like eleven thousand phones.


Is happening in the AM, which I wasn't really clear on. It's a Saturday morning, which means either everybody has been standing around without moving, like mannequins, since last week, or much of the last episode's final act took place on a Saturday morning, which I guess I just wasn't getting. Anyway, Saturday morning, and all the things that were happening at the Straw Poll last week are still happening.

Jackie: "Such as me staring at invisible bugs instead of talking to Alicia."
Alicia: "Or me realizing that Jackie's finally lost it."
Maddie Hayward: "Or me standing around in the middle of other people's stories like usual, for a mysterious reason that is only now coming together."

Jackie: "Who are you, even?"
Maddie: "I'm paying for everything."
Jackie: "Then I guess I better be nice to you. Or insult you, depending on how I feel."

Pollster: "Or me hanging around and being about to crawl up Eli's ass in a forthcoming scene to drop the line that finally explains what Maddie Hayward is up to."
Eli: "Or me. talking to Jimmy V of about his blog post about a magazine story that never happened, thanks to Mandy Post being a weird zealot, and then being super bitchy to an intern, because have you met Eli Gold."

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