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The delightful Neil "ChumHum" Gross bought out a competitor startup after they sued, because that's how you deal when you get sued by promising youth. During the trial, Will noticed -- unbeknownst to us -- a young lawyer lady in the gallery operating Neil like a wi-fi ventriloquist's dummy, feeding him prepared speeches in an uncharacteristically -- for this show -- subtle way.


She has arrived at L/G, looking uncomfortable, with her creepy dad in tow, to take a meeting with Alicia and Kalinda, and in a minute David Lee. What on earth could Family Law have to do with Neil Gross's pretty young counsel?

...Oh. Oh, hell no. I know Neil Gross isn't real, rationally, but if this trick thinks she's marrying him I still kind of want to physically fight her.

Dina Lampert: "I remember you guys from the Marg Mo trial. Neil hates your asses."
Mr. Lampert: "Don't talk to these women, wait for the lawyer."
Dina: "Apologies about my shitty dad. He thinks women can't be lawyers. That's a main reason I am one."

David Lee: "M&Ms, anybody? They contain evil."
Dad: "We need a second opinion on a prenup. This trick thinks she's gonna marry Neil Gross."
Alicia & Kalinda: "But why? He's the worst! Trust us, we know from marrying well."
Dina: "I don't wanna talk about it. I just don't get why this awful agreement is what our firm -- the one that represents Neil, the one I myself work for -- wants me to sign."
Dad: "If you're gonna marry that son of a bitch you should have least have a ton of money from it later."
Dina: "The reason everybody always has this conversation about prenups is because it's literally the only conversation to have. Like, now you're going to say something about protecting myself..."
David Lee: "We're here to help you protect yourself."


David Lee: "This prenup is bullshit. She gets nothing, and if he dies she has to immolate herself on the altar of ChumHum's choosing..."
Diane: "Yeah, I'm not seeing how this is a pressing matter. We're still only halfway to our $60M and time's just about up for bankruptcy court."
Will: "Why do we care about any of this? It's not like kissing her ass is going to get us any business from that jerk. I'm still getting fallout from the last time we fought with him."

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