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Is played by Hunter Parrish, which, depending on if you watched the show and more precisely how long you watched the show, is either a good thing or a bad one. But his casting here seems to be a dark joke that doesn't depend on either of those, so much as on his natural charisma (and the theater ties of many of the show's guest stars) that it's really only anecdotal when I say that I still miss Silas Botwin sometimes, and that made the twists (in this very basic, this surprisingly and a little painfully basic, episode) a lot more hair-raising than they might be if you weren't invested on that level.

Although either way, you'd be forgiven for finding the procedural plots and elements of this episode particularly tone-deaf and arbitrary. We come to the show because it isn't a standard procedural, so when things get a little interchangeable it's disappointing. Even if it's still the best season of the best show on prime time -- which it is -- and even if you discount the stupid zero-sum thinking that says every show has some duds every now and then like it's a fact of nature -- which it absolutely isn't -- it's a resigned whimper, not an angry bang, that finds most of this episode regrettably forgettable. Whatever.

Jeffrey gets pulled over on his way to Italian class at Chicago Polytechnic, even though he's going 35 and doing nothing more complex than practicing (some seriously remedial) conversational Italian. At first the cop tries to freak him out the usual ways, ordering him to stop calling his lawyer and get out the paperwork and whatever, but then when he spies some cold medicine in the jump seat he seizes on that instead.

Before you know it, Jeffrey's disregarded everything a person should do in this situation and he's getting hauled to the station because the breathalyzer he clearly doesn't need to take "isn't working" or some bullshit. Zach Florrick would be so disappointed! Flex your rights, son!


They call L/G for Alicia -- who represented his real estate mogul father on an assault charge a couple weeks ago, nice family -- and, as per protocol, the receptionist goes to alert the partners about the possibility of keeping this client. Will dicks the kid around about how Alicia is unavailable, and when his voice reaches hysteria levels he promises to come running.

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