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If Our World is Their Heaven
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Diane is moving forward with her unofficial invitation to the Illinois Supreme Court, now that Peter is the Governor Elect. Meanwhile, Alicia is still all-in with Cary Agos and the fourth-years, despite low-level disagreements about relatively small, but still plan-wrecking, details. One of the companies they want to bring with them is Neil Gross's ChumHum, which should be easy since Neil's only known preference is for Will Gardner to go eat a dick.

Also, way back in Season Two, L/G spent an entire episode trying to get around homeland security measures in order to save a dude from Gitmo. (It was the "look at all this paper!" episode, which I can't believe was that long ago considering how much it still pops into my head). This put L/G (and Alicia) on the NSA's radar -- along with the DOD, DOJ and Treasury -- which is why it matters now.


We fade in a variety of shifting calls, various communication methods, moving from data point to data point in some visual representation of what it's like to work at the NSA and have the sum total of all information at your fingertips, constantly scanning for words like America and Middle East and Jihad and Taliban and weapons. Basically any words that could get you to terrorism, or the next hop toward terrorism, which includes discussion of the NSA itself, how just searching for "Al-Qaeda" means you are on a list somewhere, and talk about that list means you're on some other list somewhere.

The boys working the information this particular evening are dreamy, one of them is Zach Woods, and they are intrigued by mention of "one of the Lockhart/Gardner lawyers" on a call not in English, from two years ago. Meanwhile another L/G lawyer is speaking about the subject of telephoning in a parallel but unrelated context.

David Lee: "The fourth-years have stopped. They've stopped texting each other."
Diane: "Great, so the insurrection is gone or never existed."
David Lee: "No, it means they were warned. And that's either Kal..."
Diane: "I don't need to hear your crazy theories. Go nuts or don't go nuts, either way. First they came for the fourth-years and I didn't speak out, because I wasn't a fourth-year."
David Lee: "Why would I ever, for example, lead a mutiny against you, Diane?"

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