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Five fourth-years, including Cary and Alicia, have been offered full equity partnership in the firm, to drum up several million dollars of quick-fix money for what turned out to be an unnecessary battle for the firm. Kalinda was promised a promotion of her own, seemingly eons ago, and also lost out to these financial issues. Alicia, for whom the added expense meant a financial favor from her less-than-estranged husband Peter, was pretty grossed out by the whole thing -- but, as Cary agreed, at least something cool came out of it. On the political side, the DOJ is coming after Eli Gold for corrupt practices, in a way that made it look like Wendy Scott-Carr was still raging against Peter Florrick, but now just seems inscrutable and a little crazy.


David Lee: "[Numbers numbers], so now instead of being broke we are very rich."
Diane: "Did you say very rich?"
David Lee: "Very. Mostly thanks to the unappreciated work of Trustee Nathan Lane, who forced austerity upon us, during what has turned out our most profitable quarter ever."
Partners: Applaud excitedly.
Old: "But what about those five fake new partners, like Cary and Alicia? Surely we don't need them, now that our scare tactics and basic fraud are no longer necessary."
Diane: "Um, but we did offer them partnerships, so..."
Old: "Just tell them you were kidding. Have we made nameplates for them? New parking spaces? No. It is still only an idea."
Diane: "Are you guys seriously talking about this?"
Partners: [Excitedly vote to screw and alienate their most promising younger employees. Then, more applause.]


Will: "Our client, an energy drink maker played by President Adar, is not at fault here. Your client misused the product."
Plaintiff: "Just so we're clear, you're saying that a dead sixteen-year-old girl is to blame for her own death. You're taking that to a jury."

Client: "Maybe we could just settle this one case, though. So as not to be assholes -- and also, because a jury is going to freak out on us."
Will & Diane: "No, being assholes is better. Do you really want to pay out $14M to all eight victims of your deadly product?"
Client: "What about a mock trial with a pretend jury? I'm willing to pay for it."

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The Good Wife




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