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The fourth-years are on their way out, with about a week to go before they start their new firm. A drastic misstep in Diane's campaign to lock down her State Supreme Court judgeship led to a hostile exit and some surprisingly desperate moves from her former partner will. Also, way back in Season One, Kima from The Wire played a lady whose babysitter got murdered and Cary, who was on shrooms at the time, helped Diane and Kalinda sort it out.


Walks through the office, weathering the slings and arrows of the characteristically aggressive David Lee, the technologically helpless (and always horrible) Howard Lyman, the curt but fair-minded leadership of Will Gardner, and the typically dismissive thanks of Cary Agos, who takes the coffees out of her hands and shuts the door in her face in one elegant move. By the time she gets to Alicia, in her trip down the hall, she'd be grateful for a little advice, but Alicia is on her way to the secret Florrick/Agos meeting she just left, and has no time for anything but a generally tender and vague expression of concern.

Chrissy: "What's wrong? I guess nothing, I'm just... It's hard!"
Alicia: "I know, but it's good experience, and when you pass the Bar you'll have so many connections... Anyway, I'll be free later if you need more Alicia Time."
Chrissy: "Nope, I figured it out."
Alicia: "Figured what out?"
Chrissy: "Don't worry about it."
Alicia: "Okay, that was my plan anyway."


Rando: "We can't get the files we need!"
Alicia: "You should button that lip anyways. Why are we talking here?"
Cary: "Just pretend we're discussing the Zimbalist deposition."
Rando: "There's some kind of firewall or something blocking us."
Carey: "David Lee, clearly. He always knows what's going on and he is only ever evil."
Alicia: "Look, when we leave they're coming with us, right? So then the files will belong to us, as their lawyers."
Carey: "Think like a jerk, Alicia. L/G will delay that forever and make us look stupid."

Somebody describes it as "stealing clients"; nobody is less interested in that wording than Alicia herself, but they all jump on him like he said Beetlejuice. As if the words matter: Either way, they're going to make enemies of the whole firm.

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