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As agreed, Celeste and Diane have split the survivors of that plane crash that happened while all those little cheese kids were barfing and dying all over the place: Celeste has the crew's families, while Diane got the passengers'. They've decided to combine their cases, since they both allege the same negligence on the part of the plane's manufacturers, so the opening scene is all about bouncing back and forth between their opening arguments... And the purposeful movements of a dude who bought a gun today.

Diane's other point to make is that the jetliner is pawning it off on pilot error, which she smartly calls "blaming the victim," which is rarely what it sounds like but always pisses people off. Everything's going swimmingly, because both ladies are intense but likeable, until they say this: "How do we know that they knew their jet was defective? Because there is a very brave whistleblower from within Hammett who's agreed to testify for us."

And, of course, as they're saying this, the whistleblower in question loses that bravery, locks a gun and shoots himself in the dang head.


Celeste: "You know I'm crazy as shit, right? So it should come as no surprise that I can definitely see an upside here."
Diane: "No, I'm with you. He did his whole deposition back when his head was intact, and they did a crap job of cross-examining him, so it's basically all footage for our side."
Dead Guy: "Like the internet, the problem was a system of tubes that malfunctioned in de-icing the wings during flight. Other boring facts also."

Diane calls it a necessary move, if ghoulish, but she doesn't like hugely care. So they decide to admit this tape into evidence, on the basis of some precedent or rule or another; Celeste calls this "falling forward," because that's the only thing she apparently knows how to do. Presumably Alicia just thinks that Celeste is a psychopath; presumably, Will's still shivering in a corner due to the shit she pulled last week.


Speaking of psychos, Grace's tutor has gotten so obnoxious that Alicia and Peter are having a phone meeting about how to get rid of her. Alicia hates the tutor for reasons that are both obvious and very hard to verbalize, but basically it's because she sucks, and Grace already sucks so why would you stack the deck against her even more.

Alicia: "...Well, that's the problem, she's a great tutor. Grace's Physics grades are the best this year. Essentially the problem, as I see it, is that she's doing a great job."
Peter: "Where did this girl come from?"
Alicia: "Where do all teenagers fucking up our lives come from? Eli Gold."

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