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Gerald Drescher: "Stockholders of Herald Equity, I am here to make my rival -- former CEO Colin Sweeney -- look bad. Since he is the most fucked up person that ever lived, this should go pretty smoothly."

Eli, backstage: "He's right. You are a total trainwreck of a person."
Colin: "What if he asks me about how I keep killing people and having weird sex all the time?"
Eli: "...Yeah, he's going to do that."
Colin: "I wasn't asking you, I was asking my legal consultant."
Alicia: "Right, sorry. Forgot where I was. Okay, so just say you didn't kill your wife."
Colin: "Which is true. I killed that other lady I was paying to stalk me, and got away with it."
Alicia: "Well. Don't bring that up?"

There is something so beautiful about the fact that Lockhart & Assoc. sent Colin a team consisting of an associate and a crisis consultant -- and even better that it's Alicia and Eli, for about a million reasons -- but one wonders what else they could have added. Somebody with a taser, maybe. Armed guards with that rolling stand-up face-mask Clarice Starling rig. Definitely a priest.

Alicia: "Right, remember the truth? That thing you hate because you are perverse? Think about saying that. You know, how you are trying to get back the company that was stolen from you, and which has taken a 30% drop since Drescher took over. Facts."

Other Fact #1: Lockhart is going from mutual fund to mutual fund getting their individual proxies together, one by one, so we're getting continually updated on which Whiteguy-Hedgewealth fund is flipping sides at any given time.

Other Fact #2: When this works out, Alicia will have brought Lockhart a 5% stake in the company. Which is exactly what she needs to do in the wake of Gardner's hiatus, and of course in the wake of Caitlin's total onslaught and full-force attempt to ruin Alicia's life and sanity using her blonde wiles and genetic evil and intuitive understanding of how basic internet things work.

Colin: "So that's probably a good thing for you, huh? I do like to help you with your career, Mrs. Faustus."
Alicia: "Frankly I'm just happy to see you."
Colin: "The more cynical you get, the closer you get to becoming my underworld bride."

He takes the stage to boos -- "How gauche!" -- and Eli just stares at Alicia, in her simultaneous equanimity and full-body wiggins.

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