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CBS said to themselves, "We have only one good show on our entire network, so let's dick everybody around by playing it at random moments whenever we feel like it. Whaddya say? Twenty-one minutes past the hour? They'll never see it coming."

As part of what she sometimes claimed was an attempt to revenge herself on Peter Florrick, the intoxicating Wendy Scott-Carr empaneled a Grand Jury to indict Will Gardner on a complicated bribery scheme. The GJ failed to indict, and Peter realized that Wendy had gone off the deep end, so he relieved her of her duties as Special Prosecutor. In return, proving once and for all that she has lost her mind, she went after Will on an embezzling thing from like fifteen years ago.

Oh, and we've had a couple run-ins with Rita Wilson's tech client ChumHum, a Faceboogle sort of company that has, for all their storied business ethics, a longstanding mutually beneficial relationship with various evil dictatorships. They're icky, but hoodie-wearing owner Neil Gross is a dizzying amount of dreamboat, so it works out.


Still at that post-GJ party where Diane and Will are dancing to that cute Whitesnake cover when several things happen at once.

Thing #1: Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson) calls Diane regarding an ongoing Syrian case that's going to court finally -- a class action L/G is doing against one of her tech clients.

Thing #2: Cary Agos calls for Will Gardner to make sure he knows he's safe -- a double-edged Thing, since Cary's trying to just be nice and has no idea that WSC is not done fucking everything up.

Thing #3: Among 23 congratulatory calls (including six judges) Grandpa Gilmore calls to let Will Gardner know that he is not safe in any way -- but Will is too busy being happy to take the call.


Will engages in a slight montage of Syrian atrocities, and makes Diane laugh when he says he wants back in on this case: He only gave it over because he was going to jail, but now he's not. Diane tells him to take the week off and get his groove back, but he won't be denied.

On her way back in for the Syria thing, Alicia looks askance at Will chatting with Caitlin at the party. I trust this show too much to think it's going to be girl vs. girl exactly, but they have kind of been setting up a whole thing where Alicia's position in the firm can't exactly be threatened by her without her forming some kind of personal alliance with Will -- and we've seen Caitlin trying to do that exact thing.

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