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The Forfeiture Corridor
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After a few deeply troubling run-ins with Mike Kristeva, and a last-minute showdown with her mother-in-law that left them feeling more like a team than they have in ages, Alicia has committed to the idea of pretending (or not) to reconcile (or not) with her husband Peter, the State's Atty and future Governor of Illinois.

Lockhart/Gardner is in yet another financial downward spiral -- thanks to a balloon payment, Will's Grand Jury sidelining, and the continual bullshit of Eli and David Lee -- because this show really is nothing without each season's arc of watching Diane Lockhart hold that mother together with her teeth.

Kalinda made a last-second decision to stand her ground after getting all her fast-escape gear together, and ended last season sitting in a chair with a gun pointed at her door, meditating to build up her ninja powers and assorted other magicks.



Kalinda: "Fine, the door's open. Come in and let us begin the dance of death."
Flunky: "Can I turn on the light in here? Unoccupied, gorgeous hacker apartments freak me out."
Kalinda: "You may not. But you may tell my husband to fuck off."
Flunky: "It's not about the money you stole from him. He just misses you. All the way from Canada. With a sweet and tender yearning."
Kalinda: "I don't believe that for a second. If you'd said he misses choking me in bed, maybe, but not that."

There is some troubling etiquette now, as Kalinda tells him to kneel on the floor so that she can check him for weaponry, and he says it's just a phone, and she says it's not just a phone and threatens to shoot him. You think she's just totally paranoid until she reaches into his pocket for the "phone" and actually does come out with a cartoonishly gigantic, shiny pistol. Moral of the story: Always trust Kalinda. When she's at her most paranoid is also when she's at her most correct.

I don't know if I'm getting this across, but this is easily the scariest thing that has ever happened on this show, which is already one of the most suspenseful shows of all time. It's just usually the suspense is about adding addenda to motions or whether or not a swarm of flies is going to come flying out of Wendy Scott-Carr's mouth in an unceasing unholy shriek. With the exception of stupid Blake Calamar, actual violence is never really something you have to be concerned about -- and this scene goes on longer and scarier than anything with him ever did.

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