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The Other Grace
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Nick Savarese comes and goes, but is working up a real head of jealousy about whoever it is at work that Kalinda loves so much. Alicia is staying strong on not letting the kids be involved in Peter's campaign, which chaps Eli's hide continually thanks to Kresteva's Cancer Kid. And bright new guest star Captain Laura Hellinger, with Alicia's help, has left the military and joined Peter's office as a new Assistant State's Attorney. Oh, and Nathan Lane is beginning to drive Diane Lockhart basically out of her mind, the little badger.


Like any teen, you know, she just loves her social media. Skypin' her IMs, YouTurbing viruses and whatnot. Chummin' Hums. Teen stuff. With all her friends she apparently has now.

Sisterwife: "GRACE RU OK?"
Grace: "YEAH Y"

Quick videoconference later, the story comes out -- Grace and her Sisterwife buddy are joined by two other nerds -- that another Grace at their school killed herself last night. Her black friend Sarah says "liberry" at one point, which I don't even know what to do with that. The death deets are vague, seems the boyfriend broke up with her the day before Prom and she used her Prom hotel room (they say, with the hushed nerd voices of those who will never know Prom) for the deed. The camera closes in, closes in on Grace as she slowly determines that this will be about her.

Somehow, by God, she will make this all about her.


Captain Laura Hellinger's first civilian case as an ASA is, of course, with Will Gardner on opposing counsel. Alicia's not quite in the courtroom yet, but you can feel her coming. The facts of the case -- Judge Judd Hirsch presiding, in one of the best judge performances we have ever seen, the guy's fucking magnetic -- are that a rich lady with a prenup got her Pilates instructor to shoot her husband so they could get around the legalities and split the money. And also they are in love, of course.

The proceedings are dicey and thrilling, but hard to replicate: Basically, Will holds Laura under fire in what the judge calls "new ASA hazing" and she stumbles and mumbles and makes you feel bad for her. The more they make us love Laura, though, the more I get scared she's going to pull off her face-mask to reveal something evil. Or at least some kind of Caitlin-type thing that causes Alicia to act awful and then feel doubly bad later.

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