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The Privilege of Irony
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Florrick/Agos was feeling just big enough for their britches that they threw a big holiday party in their squalorrific office spaces, inviting everybody from drug kingpins to Donna Brazile to the new Illinois Governor and his very pregnant Ethics Commandant, Marilyn Garbanza, who bears within her the fruit of a dark new age: Three months in, she knows it's a boy and she knows the name will be ... Peter!


Eli spits everywhere! And then drags that lady right out of the pleasant conversation she's having with Veronica Loy, and into a small alcove to yell at her about getting knocked up.

Marilyn: "Even though I see phantom ethics violations everywhere, I'm oddly unable to understand why being the hot ethics manager of a philandering public official, and naming my baby after him, would cause anyone to spit-take."
Eli: "Are you serious that you don't understand my issue here? After I got you fired once for being hot already?"
Marilyn: "Sometimes it's just a coincidence! Is a thing someone might say that I would call bullshit on, and yet hear myself currently saying."
Eli: "Fine, who is the father?"
Marilyn: "It is a secret."

It's cheap and dumb to a certain extent, so I will tell you right now that the father of her child is famed director Peter Bogdanovich, who made The Last Picture Show, which is the best movie of all time. However, the cheap-and-dumbness of this (already overused) thing ends up elided in the last minute of the episode into a larger issue from half a season ago, so it's actually a red herring in service of major plot developments, which means however bad it tastes it's still contributing to your nutrition, so to speak. Good thing Marilyn Garbanza is already a known quantity of wackiness (and wackness) or I would feel personally wronged, but as things stand I don't mind the fact that this storyline cannot manage to put its arms through the arm-holes of the jacket it's wearing.

Alicia: "Eli! Marilyn. Why are you in this nook and not at my party, where I've been drinking?"
Marilyn: "I frankly have no idea!"
Alicia: "I gotta pay the band before I get too drunk to remember to pay the band. Where are they?"
Eli: "Just somewhere else that is not this casual nook where we're just chatting in a casual way."


Jonathan Coulton is a novelty singer, which is not my bag at all, but he did a cover of "Baby Got Back" that contributed greatly to the YouTube scourge of white people doing indie-folk covers of rap songs, which is what a white person who doesn't consider himself a racist does when he's feeling just a little blind to his situation. "Isn't it funny that you and I are different from black people?" goes the joke, and it's a hearty one, and it is to guitar boys what that fruity awful Bessie Smith voice is to boring girls with nothing else going on. (PS, do not mention this to white people who don't like to consider their privilege, because they will wolf out on you, and you are not doing it for valid reasons anyway.) Now it's everywhere and not just rap songs, and not just straight white guys, so it's a little less creepy, but still creepy.

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