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The Peter Principle
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After much business and underhanded nonsense, Alicia is an equity partner at Lockhart & Gardner. Is that a great thing? Not even Alicia really thinks so, at this point, but it's the new status quo. It'll be interesting (read: scary) to see exactly how the name partners are lookin' to break her in -- especially since they're aware she and Cary started a revolution last week to manipulate them. Peter's in a state, since his wife's just using him for sex and his Eli's keeping his distance. Luckily, he has Jordan Karahalios to brighten up the place, and Eli's got an entire show's worth of castmembers blowing up his own voter-fraud storyline. In other news, I miss Kalinda Sharma.


Diane's watching a Maddie Hayward soundbite on her local CBS affiliate and, hilariously, repeating her words back to her in an acid mocking tone.

Maddie Hayward: "I'm still beating the drum on Peter's diversity issues, which is ironic since they actually exist, but even more ironic is the fact that I'm talking about them by talking about how I'm not gonna talk about them..."
Diane: "...'Because I'm a big stupid stupid-head lesbian who was mean to Diane Lockhart at an Empowered Businesswomen function for Women In Business Who Are Empowered...'"

Alicia comes in there, sneezin' up a storm with a cold she's got going.

Diane: "How's it feel to be an equity partner? Power surging through you yet?"
Alicia: "Something is surging through me, I'll tell ya that much. Does power feel like you're too hot and too cold at the same time, and also a little nauseous?"
Diane: "Yep. Along those lines, thanks for coming in. I just wanted to let you know that I've designed a little management test for you that will hopefully turn your brain inside-out, make your virtues into liabilities, split your fourth-year coalition brutally in half, and burn every bridge you ever built with your compatriots. You will also feel self-annihilating shame no matter what you do. I hope you don't have anything else going on today."
Alicia: "That sounds like a problem. Wait, I mean an opportunity."

The rules of the game are thus: Cary's team is in charge of Lemond Bishop's defense (remember, Alicia hung out at his house all day and now he's in jail?), but their hours are coming in "a bit high," according to Diane. On the one hand, he needs to feel catered to, because he's a huge client, but on the other hand, they can't look like they're padding the bill. The management game here is twofold: First, figure out how efficient they're being without making it look like the Inquisition, and second, figure out how to make sure the bill looks like they've concentrated the hours on top-level employees. Alicia doesn't see the second part yet, but it's pretty obvious: Even with meticulous accounting backup proving it's legit, you still want to see partners -- like Alicia -- working on the case.

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