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Retreat To Advance
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Nick Savarese got about one second into threatening FBI Lana before Kalinda told her husband about her girlfriend's day job. The enigmatic Maddie Hayward and, separately, the charming Trustee Nathan Lane, are turning Diane Lockhart's perennial "where does money come from" storyline into a real nailbiter -- we're losing entire floors and departments -- while old enemies may be smelling the firm's new weaknesses. On the homefront, plucky reporter Mandy Post believes beyond the shadow that Peter is not only up to his old tricks, but Alicia is an enthusiastic supporter of his extracurriculars. But in point of fact, not only is that completely outwith the realm of possibility, but the Florricks seem to be doing better than ever, maybe even unto Doing It.


The episode starts with a stylish montage of Jackie taking off the appurtenances of recovery and putting on her warpaint again: ID bracelet traded for Napoleon bee pin, hair did, etc.

Peter: "The doctor said the stroke did no permanent damage, so..."
Jackie, side-eye galore: "Are you sure about that? Because what I heard him saying was, I now have carte blanche to do every horrible thing that pops into my old bitch head."
Peter: "Oh, and I set you up in that house I used to live in with my wife, that we all kind of live in now. So it'll be just like before, only vastly worse."

Eli: "Hey Peter, I have Kalinda investigating that campaign worker you didn't sleep with. Is that weird?"
Peter: "Yeah, super weird. Go for it."

Jackie: "Hey, did you sleep with a campaign worker or anything like that?"
Peter: "I didn't actually sleep with her, but yeah. Her name is Indira Starr, which you'd think would make her an Indian person or maybe an alien from a space comic book, but in fact she just looks like a normal blowsy blonde."
Jackie: "Is there a way for me to blame Alicia about this?"
Peter: "Would it stop you that there isn't?"


Alicia: "...And this happened when?"
Synth: "You always answer questions with questions?"
Alicia: "Do I?"
Synth: "Anyway. This 'Indira Starr' person was in your apartment on August 21 and she said you found her boning your husband and said it was cool."
Alicia: "Nope. None of that. For starters, we were separated at that time."

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