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This French man is making a documentary about a fairly appealing (for now) fellow named Ricky Packer, who will be murdered by the state in 29 days from the time of filming. That was like 27 days ago.

Ricky: "I've been reading the Bible. Job. Because of how Job raped and murdered those two girls and then everybody hassled him."
French Guy, verbatim, because he is French: "Yes, Camus says Fate is not in man, but around him."
Ricky, staring blankly: "Do not say shit like that to a murderer on Death Row."

Before the camera was on, apparently, Ricky told the guards about a murder he heard about involving an "Almighty Vice Lords payback on 19th," which makes for one body buried in a burial pit in Douglas Park. Ricky has been getting political:

Ricky: "They go dig up some gangbanger's body, what are they gonna do? Huh? They gonna go find the killer?"


Cary: "Oh my God there are so many bodies in this pit."
Dana: "Look, it's my last day at the State's Attorney's office. Just kidding. I just like saying that over and over."
Cary: "Who cares about some gangbanger's body? What are we gonna do, huh? We gonna go find the killer?"
Dana: "No, don't be silly. It's this other body we found in the pit. A rich white lady."
Cary: "Now you have my attention."

They talk about how it's amazing that some cop would be able to recognize Louboutins, the easiest shoes to recognize on the whole of Planet Shoe. This is Adrianne Iver, who has been a Missing Person for six months, and who had a boyfriend, who in turn is -- you guessed it -- a Lockhart/Gardner client.


Boyfriend: "What is happening?"
Alicia, verbatim: "You will be processed, photographed and fingerprinted. They will take away all your clothes and supply you with a Department of Corrections jumpsuit. Our hope is you'll get bail. You have ties to the community, and the evidence is circumstantial."
Boyfriend: "Thank you for being so thorough in your answer. That's exactly the kind of information I needed to hear."

She really is the best.

Boyfriend: "I loved her. I mean, we argued, but I loved her. I didn't report her missing because Adrianne said she was going back to Canada."
Eli: "Alicia, stop talking to that white man we're never going to see again in this episode."

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