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Half A Love Story
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A bunch of things were going on! But it didn't matter, because everybody had to get all dressed up and go to the Shamrock Dinner -- quite the shindig, judging by Alicia's gorgeous red dress -- even though there is such drama: Peter just became the DNC's guber, invited both L & G in order to stir up a bunch of shit, Eli Gold finally got ridda my dear sweet Jordan Karahalios, Kalinda got burned for choosing L/G over her own troubling life, and Cary Agos is steadily imploding on himself like an adorable dying star.


Peter: "Whoa, you look amazing."
Alicia: "Lol. You also look amazing."
Eli, suddenly: "One might even say Presidential, if one wanted to buy me a summer home on the Moon one of these days."
Alicia: "Eli, you look so great in a tux..."
Eli: "Are you making fun of me?"
Alicia: "...Only insofar as a Beanie Baby in a tux would be super cute."
Eli: "Are you going to get all drunk and atheist on me again?"
Alicia: "One of those two. The fun is deciding which."

Eli: "You're on board for the mission tonight, right?"
Alicia: "To have fun!"
Eli: "Oh no, girl. It is to manipulate the affections of Cardinal James, who is played by Holling Vincoeur from Northern Exposure. At the end of the night, he will shake one candidate's hand and hug the other. Guess which guy we want to be?"
Alicia: "The guy who doesn't kiss the ass of anybody involved in a child sex ring?"
Eli: "He's a perfectly nice man!"
Alicia: "May well be, but it's like the Boy Scouts thing. If you don't want to be associated with a group, don't associate with that group. Pretty simple shit, Eli."

Eli: "Does not compute. Catholics vote."
Peter: "So I won't talk about abortion. Like I usually do."
Alicia: "You're pretty awesome this episode."
Peter: "I know, it's weird!"

Eli: "I know you hate the St. Alicia thing, but you need to work that tonight. In an awkward segue -- especially notable for the unparalleled quality of this episode overall -- I will now pivot to how that is all about your wifely faithfulness, a thing it only became about like three episodes ago..."
Will: "-- So I can suddenly appear! Making Eli's eyebrows crawl up his head and down the back of it."

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